So, first off I spoke to Orlando Science Middle/High School.  That was back on Friday, May 4, 2018 at 9:00 AM. I want to help educate the 7th and 8th graders!

In addition and as part of his tour, he will be donating his Green Guru Guide Books to schools. Schools throughout the country including 500 to the students at Orlando Science Middle/High School.

“Most importantly, my goal is to visit my fanbase across the world. That’s in an effort to educate people of all ages. Educate them on how to go green and save energy in easy and simple ways!


Cause this book tour is my effort to teach students to improve their technical skills. Skills in relation to renewal energy and most importantly energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the Green Guru Guides show the reader how to do a particular task. That’s whether it’s building a new energy-efficient vehicle, greening a particular task, or greening an entire home. Also, these green living guides focus on implementing environmentally friendly technologies and making them work for you.

Partnership Serves Green Tech Development in Orlando

Most noteworthy, Seth is a best-selling author, prolific blogger and thought leader. Thought Leader of the green economy and Consulting Editor for TAB McGraw-Hill on the Green Guru Guides. More interestingly a series of nine books.

As well, Seth offers Green Living Eco Consulting through ETS Energy Store, LLC to help educate people, companies and government on how to go green. Plus living greener and provide green living economic opportunities.

Best-selling author Seth Leitman’s Green Guru Guide Books< Seth will be sharing his knowledge about green living and answering students’ questions. By the end of the school year, he hopes to give each child a FREE copy of one of his Green Guru Guidebooks.

The mission of Orlando Science Middle/High School is to offer middle and high school students in Orange County a high-quality education, aligned with the Florida Sunshine State Standards, in an intellectually nurturing learning environment.

Its purpose is to enable students to reach their maximum potential.  That’s in all subject areas with special emphasis on mathematics, science, and reading utilizing state-of-the-art curricula. Finally, so that’s such as Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) and College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM). For Foundational Approaches in Science Teaching (FAST), and Academy of Reading. To learn more, visit

Finally and most noteworthy, get YOUR School Involved!!
To learn how your school can benefit from Seth’s Green Guru Guide Booktour, visit,
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