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Whenever new panels for solar energy come out; I want to see what’s up. All because this technology is popular. Yes, there are always skeptics. Those that spread false information. In addition: myths about it. Panels for solar energy are different. I mean seeing as how there are many misconceptions. Especially among people which prevent them are making the most of this energy source. We are here to debunk those myths. Also I want to provide you with correct information. Especially concerning solar energy. Take a look.

MYTH!! Solar will not pay off

There is a myth that solar panels don’t pay for themselves. That’s until the end of the 25 years. That is so not true. I mean yes, it’s a large upfront investment. That’s for most people. So it’s normal to worry about the ROI. However, that’s purely depending on your initial costs. Some payment plans have no upfront costs. It’s also dependent on the size of your project. I mean the panels could provide you with a return on investment immediately.

Panels Solar Energy

Moreover, if you look into government incentives, you’re golden. For it’s shorter than you think. I mean four to six years. Then it could be smooth sailing for you. Especially to see your investment return completely. Furthermore, if you ever decide to sell your home; great news. Because panels for solar energy with battery energy storage have a great ROI. So panels from solar energy with battery energy storage. A system installed totally increases your home value.

They only work in warm climates

People believe that solar panels doesn’t work in winter. I mean properly in a colder climate. Now, I personally know that’s wrong.

It’s just so important to note one major thing. First of all, these panels use the sun’s energy. I mean not its temperature. Moreover, cold weather increases conductivity. All which results in generating more electricity. So, if your area has plenty of sunshine: great news. For this is a great way to stay warm in winter. Yes; most surprisingly and during the colder seasons.

Solar panels are affected by clouds and snow

So these conditions can reduce the amount of energy these panels produce. Yet on most solar panels now are heaters. Those to melt the snow through electric heat. Therefore it does not mean they will not work efficiently. So if you live in a snowy climate don’t fear. For the panels should be installed. However, they are and must be installedat an angle. Especially so that the snow will not accumulate. Also, the heaters in panels melt it easier.

Additionally, solar panels collect visible light. All which means that your home will not lose power suddenly. Take Germany as a great example. I mean they have plenty of cloudy days. Yet, they’re still leaders in this field.

Solar panels might damage your home

People are often afraid to install solar panels. All because they think this process might damage their roof. However, the way these panels are made and installed has evolved over the years. More notably which is something that experts from are quite familiar with. All of that means opt in. For that opting for solar systems will not damage your roof. I mean it protects your roof instead. Moreover, if you turn to professionals, you’re good. For there is nothing to worry about. Especially as they have plenty of experience. That’s when it comes to installing solar panels.

Solar panels require a lot of maintenance

Another common misconception about solar panels is that they are maintenance-heavy. In reality, they require very little maintenance. Most of them outlive the 25-year warranty they usually come with. I know that for sure. There are no moving parts. So they are designed to be durable.

Inspecting and hosing them off once a year.

That should be enough to keep them running smoothly. In case there is any debris, you should remove it. Especially and in order to protect the panels.


The truth is that tastes differ. Some find them unattractive. Others might not even notice. In any case, solar panels are now being made pretty. I mean with aesthetics in mind. They can be sleek. Also they can blend in with the roof. In addition, they can even be mounted on the ground.

Solar panels keep excess energy in batteries

Most homes powered by solar energy don’t use batteries. All excess energy is added to the electrical grid. The grid through battery banks stores extra energy. I have powerwalls. This extra energy can be used at night. Also or during darker months. It can also be used for power outages.

On the other hand, batteries should also be added. Especially like power walls by Tesla. I mean look, the upfront cost will increase.  However this means that you will not lose power. Also, it shortens your ROI. For in case the grid goes down.

These are just some of the misconceptions about solar power systems. So if you are thinking about investing in solar panels cool. Yet, don’t let yourself be fooled. I mean by all these myths. Get informed. Finally; do what you think is best for you.

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