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Create Green Driving Habits in 2019!!

In addition to getting in shape, why not consider something that is good for the planet. You know, such as greener driving habits.

So here are some green driving tactics to consider in 2019:

Get your car checked:
According to, a lot of people put off preventative auto care during the holidays because they need the money for presents. January is a good time to get your car tuned up, so you can continue to live your life uninterrupted all year long.

So will even send a certified mechanic to your home, so you can avoid the long lines and hassle of having to pick up your car hours later from the mechanic. A well-maintained car runs longer, creates less waste and translates into better air quality for everyone.

Kick the idling habit:
New Year’s is a great time to start kicking bad habits like unnecessary idling. It’s bad for your wallet, your vehicle, the environment and the health of people around you.

  • Check your tire pressure:Tire Pressure
    Measure tire pressure regularly, especially after a sharp drop in temperature. Operating a vehicle with just one tire under-inflated by 8 PSI can reduce the life of the tire by thousands of miles and increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption by 4 percent.
  • Slow down.
    Numerous studies have shown that driving below 70 mph on the highway can save you money. Automatic Labs did the math a few years back. So of course you know what we are reporting here. Cause it ofound that driving an average of 70 mph saved drivers only 4 minutes for every hour but caused them to spend an extra $46 on gas every month.

Green drivingGreen driving with Tesla

  • Drive an EV car.
    YourMechanic took a look at took a look at the 10 states that have the lowest refueling costs per “eGallon,” (bonus points if you used renewable energy to refuel your car) which represents the cost of driving an green driving an EV the same distance as one could on a gallon of gasoline:

1.     Louisiana: $0.87

2.     Washington: $0.88

3.     Arkansas: $0.90

4.     Oklahoma: $0.92

5.     Idaho: $0.96

6.     Kentucky: $0.97

7.     Utah: $0.98

8.     Tennessee: $0.99

9.     Oregon: $1.02

10.  North Dakota: $1.02

YourMechanic also took a look at the friendliest states for EV car owners and found that the top 10 states that have highest ratio of charging stations to the general population are as follows:

1.     Vermont: 3,780 residents per charging station (165 total)

2.     Hawaii: 5,555 residents per station (257 total)

3.     Oregon: 6,939 residents per station (597 total)

4.     Colorado: 7,681 residents per station (730 total)

5.     California: 7,942 residents per station (4,978 total)

6.     South Dakota: 8,263 residents per station (105 total)

7.     Minnesota: 8,424 residents per station (662 total)

8.     Iowa: 8,502 residents per station (370 total)

9.     Washington: 8,923 residents per station (830 total)

10.  Maine: 9,611 residents per station (139 total)

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