ConnectSense creates home automation products that help keep power levels down and save energy from all the products used in your home. Whether it’s your lamp, speaker, or toaster over, the Smart Outlet built with two WiFi connected outlets and powered through Siri voice control. So with detailed power monitoring in the app, users have real-time insight into the power consumption of devices plugged into the Smart Outlet.  As well as how long devices turned on.

From there, devices are saving both energy and money. So this Earth Day, check out the Smart Outlet as a tool that supports green living!

Tell Me More Please and Why is This Important?
There is a sensor on the plug that turns that smart plug on or off. Best part is it can be done by an app over the phone!
Before the green way has always been to simply turn off the appliance but still you would have to make a conscious effort to turn off electronics or appliances when they are not in use.

Now just using a smart plug with one outlet to turn on and off. So yes, purchase an advanced power strip to manage the power that your electronics and appliances use. These power strips shut off stand-by or “vampire load” that consumed when electronics and appliances turned off. This simple, affordable device is a smarter version of the traditional power strip.

Plug your televisions, DVD players, home stereos and gaming consoles in an advance power strip, and you can cut the power to all this technology when you turn off your TV.P