In the rollout of Electric Vehicles to meet New York’s aggressive goals, one of the greatest challenges is engaging and supporting car dealerships. Ruge Chevrolet is one of those car dealerships. Also ask for Matt Spoth.

So we are working with them as they develop the capacity. Also to educate consumers and sell vehicles. As well as transition their business models. Especially to expand the percentage of EV in their product mix.

Chevy Volt

NYSERDA has begun to invest in the training and direct support of dealers. Drive Electric Hudson Valley is the program I manage for Sustainable Hudson Valley.

Most importantly, it has developed effective techniques for supporting dealers. That’s across the spectrum of makes and models. Thereby helping dealerships to sell or lease an estimated 152 EV during a 9-month pilot project. That funded by NYSERDA in 2016-17.  

While not strictly a goal of this pilot, we responded to needs we observed at dealerships to train and prepare their staffs. Also helping an initial group of champions at the dealership level to succeed in selling vehicles and expand their commitment to EV as professionals.  

We even pulled off a collaborative event by two dealerships that normally compete.

The Drive Electric team now is an initiative to pilot and evaluate this approach more concertedly and rigorously. That’s with diverse dealerships in eastern New York.

So a pilot initiative to provide six consumer-facing outreach events. All preceded by a training for that dealership focusing on their specific vehicle offerings and goals.

We work with motivated salespeople in dealerships representing at least 6 automakers and diverse geography around the Hudson Valley from Troy down to NY Harbor.

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