Eco-Powr Turning treadmill that turns calories into kilowatts 
Seattle, Washington
(March 19)
SportsArt, the leader in sustainable fitness announces the launch of the world’s first energy producing treadmill the VERDE™G690. This treadmill is the latest cardio machine to join the company’s ECO-POWR lineup. All which takes human energy created during workouts and turned it into utility grade electricity. It’s up to 200 watts per hour per machine.

Inside each ECO-POWR machine is a micro-inverter. One similar to those found in solar panels and wind turbines.

The machine’s technology also features: 

1. SA Well + User App to track performance and watts generated 

2. Safe Start Belt Lock

3. Electronic speed and resistance, USB Charger, Smart Break Technology – Push mode

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Continuing their commitment to help the fitness industry go green, SportsArt is also adding a new, non-motorized ECO-NATURAL™ treadmill, the N685, that creates its own power, erasing the need for a power outlet. Instead of creating electricity from human power, the ECO-NATURAL™ line allows the user to power the machines by using their own kinetic energy, eliminating the need for the equipment to be plugged in or use an outside power source.  

In addition, SportsArt is also adding the first 3-in-1 cross trainer, VERSO™, to the ECO-POWR™ and ECO-NATURAL™ lines. As well as launching redesigns of their Upright Bike, Recumbent Bike and Elliptical. 

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Finally and in conclusion, SportsArt will also be showcasing the new equipment at IHRSA. Dates are on March 21-24, in San Diego, at booth #1435.

Finally, to see the VERDE treadmill in action:

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