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“Wing Bikes” Reinvents Urban Riding with Creative Design & Technology.

Especially in a Growing E-Bike Market While Congestion Pricing Hits NYC financing Available

NEW YORK, NY – Mar. 26, 2019 – NEW electric bike company “Wing Bikes” launches in NYC transforming urban mobility for the modern-day commuter. “Wing Bikes” reinvents urban riding with creative design and technology. Thereby an intelligent electric bike for the modern-day rider. With electric bikes typically viewed as pricey, heavy, and awkwardly designed, Wing Bikes set out to reinvent the e-bike, combining attractiveness and technology without being expensive.

Wing bikes e-bike
The e-bike industry is beginning to see exponential growth, and transportation prices in NYC continue to increase, frustrating commuters.

It’s all about the freedom to quickly and safely go where you want. More importantly, the joy that comes with being on an e-bike. Those comments came from Seth Miller, Founder, Wing Bikes.

“No company offered an e-bike that integrated all the features we sought. That’s elegant design and intelligent tech with the urban commuter in mind. Finally and at a reasonable price.”

For nearly half the price of competitors, Wing Bike’s features include:


– Begin your ride effortlessly. Intuitive, pedal-help activates as you pedal and knows when to give you a boost. Zero learning curve.


Key-secured battery, charge your phone while you ride — keep the battery on the e-bike or take it with you.

FRONT & REAR LIGHTS – Integrated into the frame.

LIGHT & AIRY – Easy to carry, weighs under 40 pounds.
SECURITY SYSTEM – An ear-bending alarm to keep thieves away.

ATTRACTIVE LOOK – Reliable, high-end components make for a stylish ride. Pedal assist allows you to ride at any speed you prefer without the sweat. Ride over hills with ease.

CONTROL DASHBOARD – Activate electric horn, select assist level, see distance, battery level, and control front/rear lighting.

FINANCING – Interest-free financing available – pay as little as $91 per month.

Therefore and after a decade of year-round bike commuting in NYC, Miller inspired to create Wing Bikes. Especially when his bike was stolen. Miller realized many people are wary of riding a bike to work for fear of theft or getting sweaty. Wing Bikes also wants to give a legal e-bike option for delivery people. Those who are at risk of having their e-bike confiscated. Wing Bikes are city-proofed with the daily commuter in mind.
Another wing bikes e-bike

The time is right for Wing Bikes. NYC ruled to allow pedal-assist e-bikes that ride up to 20 MPH without a throttle. Miller sought out to answer the growing frustrations over NYC transportation and for-hire vehicle pricing.

E-bikes in the U.S. and globally are surging, so Miller is optimistic Seems like 30-40% of all new bike purchases are e-bikes. All for-hire vehicles raised their prices due to the congestion pricing surcharge announced last week.


In conclusion, Early bird pricing for Wing Bikes’ new models is available nationwide. Finally, NYC riders can schedule test rides before they decide to purchase. Furthermore and to schedule a test ride or interview, contact Marissa Feinberg,, 917-494-5041. Learn more at

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