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Incorporating solar power into your home offers a multitude of benefits. One of the most impressive benefits to expect when investing in solar is the opportunity to make an annual return on your investment of anywhere from about 10 to 30 percent depending on your solar system’s overall setup. These returns are typically realized in the form of energy savings, solar tax incentives, and renewable energy certificates that enable you to sell your leftover solar power to the local energy company for a profit. In addition to saving some money on household costs each year, here are Modernize’s other favorite reasons why solar is such a smart investment:


Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Solar doesn’t the require the use of fossil fuels or any other unsustainable ingredients in order to provide you with reliable power, whether that means just your lights or your entire household. In fact, electric power is responsible for a third of the greenhouse gases emitted in the United States each year. Over the course of thirty years, your solar power would have the same impact as taking more than 20 cars off the road for a year or emptying 41 tons of recyclable materials from the landfill.

Make Powering Your Home Safer


Because solar power is not hooked to a grid that is powerful enough to light up the entire city, you’ll find that wiring a system for your lights, your fans, or your whole house is easier to do and the system overall will be safer for your family to use. While there is a risk of being electrocuted just like with traditional power, that risk is significantly decreased when solar comes into play.

Be a Reliable Role Model for Neighbors


Another great reason solar is such a good investment is that it provides you with the opportunity to be a reliable role model for the neighbors. If the neighbors see that your solar benefits you in a variety of ways, they’ll likely follow in your footsteps and introduce solar to their homes as well. This can lead to decrease energy costs for those who still rely at least partly on the energy grid, and will help to make your neighborhood a healthier and cleaner place to live overall.

With these considerations in mind, it’s easy to see why making an investment in solar power for your home is beneficial for your family’s health, your community, the planet as a whole, and even your wallet.

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