If you only associate an eco-friendly wedding dress with an ill-fitting hemp garment, you are wrong. Whether organic materials or vintage creation. Because eco-friendly wedding dresses take on many styles. However they are  gorgeous.

When you aspire eco-friendly wedding dress, it is not as simple as choosing a designer. Then also not as simple to just pick up the creation. The reason, designers out there claiming ‘eco-friendly’ label.

Likewise, there simply lack mass earth conscious brides. For instance, a bride who has the heart of a flower child. One being concerned about child labor and the use of pesticides. So you may not wish to look like a flower child on wedding day.

The bride may be looking for pretty, sustainable and affordable. Thus her options may be limited. The solution gets creative. Then you search for a gown that fits these three parameters. Also check out Deborah Lindquist. She’s so the expert.

Following are some tips to choose the best eco-friendly gown:

1. Define What You Want

You will run short of options if you seek affordable, new and traditional styles. But if you are open to a modern gown or a used or vintage gown, a world of options open up. A vegan bride might consider a cotton voile gown.

2. Don’t Forget to Buy From ‘Green’ Designer

This is an obvious choice. You can find great deals at a bridal dress company that does not wholesale to boutiques.

Choose a designer who creates sustainable gowns. So whether it is by hand making the dress or supporting women in developing countries.

3. Buy From Regular Shop

You can shop for friendly gowns from regular shops. Only specify requirements like ethical sourcing from countries with strict labor laws. Ask where the silk and lace were made too.

4. Re-Wear a Gown

You can wear your mother’s gown for sentimental reasons. You can tweak it with the help of a seamstress to suit your style. You can even check consignment stores or vintage boutiques. Because you may be lucky to find something unique.

5. You Can Rent a Dress

Renting a dress is a great eco-friendly option instead of new resources being used for the dress, you are basically re-cycling it.

6. Go Organic

Look for a gown that is created from organic fabrics like organic cotton or organic silk. Another trick is a gown made of recyclable material.

7. Ethical Accessories

Accessories like jewelry and wedding shoes must also be ethical. You can opt for fair-mined gold jewelry, and for shoes, you can buy the pair made of organic silk by traditional craftsmen.

Eco-friendly wedding dress

Finally, these are all tips for finding an eco-friendly outfit. Good Luck for your wedding day!!

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