Eco-friendly kitchens are a crucial part of modern homes today— for obvious reasons. Remodeling the entire kitchen in an environment friendly fashion can actually help you add a lot of value not only to your home but also to the environment. Now, there is an overwhelming number of options as far eco-friendly kitchen designs are concerned. Here is a rundown on ways in which you can incorporate that perfect blend of style and utility with an eco-friendly kitchen.

Did you know that you can actually install sustainable recycled tiles to create a visual masterpiece? You can install these tiles for walls and back splash—Saltillo for flooring and quartz for countertops can be great options in this regard. Yes! You can avail these sustainable kitchen tiles in a variety of textures and colors.

It would be especially helpful to mention that you have to get rid of the natural stones and old growth timber if you really want to go eco friendly. Instead invest in cork, bamboo or plantation timber.

Investing in environment friendly kitchen appliances can act as a great way to consolidate your efforts towards the sustenance of environment. For instance, switch your typical gas cookers for induction cookers. The induction cookers generally have a whopping 84% efficiency rate as against 40% efficiency rate of the typical gas cookers.


Side by side refrigerators consume up to 10% more energy than a top bottom one. There Automatic defrosters, heaters and ice makers should be avoided religiously as they use significant amount of electricity to perform their respective functions.
While buying the refrigerator, make sure that you are checking out the energy guide label in a bid to find out the total amount of energy used by a particular brand.

Eco-friendly kitchen

When you are buying a dishwasher please do not forget to check if it has an electric dryer feature or not. Do not rush for an appliance with a smaller motor thinking that it consumes lesser energy. Larger motors will at least keep the machine from running a second cycle.

Environment friendly Décor
Make sure you are steering clear of investing in paints and adhesives which emit high levels of toxic post drying up. The Volatile Organic Compounds can actually trigger serious respiratory problems and allergies. They are mildly responsible for global warming as well. Keep these points in view before investing in paints and adhesives.

Learn how to dispose aerosol cans properly
Some of the kitchen products come in aerosol cans. It is important to learn about the proper ways of Aerosol Can Disposal. Most of these cans contain the main product (cream, spray paint etc) and propellant packed under pressure. If the propellants are not punctured out of the empty containers, then they can burst when exposed to heat. So, it is not prudent to throw them randomly on empty landfills. It is important to take them to certified recycle bins or curbside pickups as per the regulations of your state.

In conclusion, decking up your kitchen in an eco-friendly fashion can turn out to be a lot of fun. Make an informed decision in this regard by following the aforementioned tips.

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