There has been scant data in the literature about the energy savings. Literature that can be realized from condenser coil cleaning of plug-in cooling appliances. Yet until now!

Energy savings data disclosed from the RFMA (Restaurant Facility Managers Association) Convention in San Diego, CA blew my away. The presentation called Condenser coil cleaning performed on a 6 year old, 2-door glass merchandiser.

Consequently, coil cleaning produces a 47% reduction in both electric usage and cost (or about $625 per UNIT). (A non-cleaned unit consumed 24.19 kWh/yr at a cost of $1325/yr. The cleaned unit needed 12.76 kWh/yr and cost only $700/yr to run.)

Another the CFESA presentation was given about how preventative maintenance can pay off. Then he gave savings data of $260 and $440 for coil cleaning a single door freezer and double door refrigerator.

Also it so happens that the % energy savings is the same. That’s with 47% and 50%, as for the data described.Energy Savings from Refrigerator/Freezer Coil Cleaning COILPOD

Additionally, an excellent description of the major repair costs persons a person faces. ONLY when not cleaning the coils.

They developed the unique COILPOD coil cleaning dust hood. This dust hood allows this cleaning to be done on commercial-type units. All as a result in a “green”/no-mess manner. That’s done consequently with compressed air and a vacuum: Simple!!

This is a PRSM best practices technology. As well, it featured as the “App of the Month” in Foodservice Equipment Reports. (see

Finally, Here’s a link to the COILPOD coil cleaning demo video.

In conclusion, the website for COILPOD ( In addition, an online store for retail purchase of bag(s), e.g. for a pilot testing program.


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