Source: Reuters / Wolfgang Rattay for IKEA Going all renewables on the quick

Source: Reuters / Wolfgang Rattay reports: The world’s largest furniture company is determined to go off-grid, and it’s developing an affordable solar energy program to convince you to do the same. Timed for the UN Climate Action Summit in New York this week. Because IKEA’s holding company Ingka Group revealed that it has invested €2.5 billion ($2.76 billion) in solar and wind renewable energy systems. That’s mind you over the last decade to power its global operations. The Leiden-based unit controls 367 of IKEA’s 423 retail outlets. It already has a stake in two solar parks in the US. That’s as well as a wind farm in Romania. In addition to 534 wind turbines in 14 countries. Finally, nearly a million solar panel units on stores. As well as distribution centers, and administrative buildings.


The company’s significant investment makes IKEA the rare (they claim to be the only) global consumer brand to own and operate its own renewable energy infrastructure. So in comparison, Google is touting having made the “largest renewable energy purchase in history”.

Yet this week, purchases energy from independent solar farms across the US, Latin America, and Europe. So big up!! Ingka reports that its green energy infrastructure already generating more electricity than its stores consume. NO WAY!! The company expects that its entire supply chain will become climate positive by 2030.

IKEA goes all in on renewable energy


Pia Heidenmark Cook, is head of Ingka Group Sustainability Group!

In conclusion, so weaning off fossil fuels isn’t just about a social good initiative. That comment comes from Pia Heidenmark. 

So Pia again is the Ingka Group Chief Sustainability Officer. As a resource-intensive operation, mitigating its significant carbon footprint is essential to its longevity as a global enterprise.

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