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If you’re looking for an SUV that functionally outperforms every other SUV on the market: Then look no further than the Tesla Model X.

As someone who loves SUVs: I can attest to the promise that the Tesla Model X holds for the future of fully-electric SUVs.

On the one hand: 

Some didn’t like the Model X look. Yet those wings up omg.

However, on the other hand:

Its performance and drive outperforms a McLaren F1.

And we’re talking about an SUV here!

There are things that Tesla definitely got right with the Model X.

Turbine rims, falcon-wing doors, and clean contrasting interior colors all add on to the package.


The aesthetics and roof of the car are most definitely on the low end of the spectrum.

If anything is to blame for the lack of looks, it would have to be battery technology.

In all honesty: 

Tesla did an amazing job pulling together an SUV with batteries in the current state they’re in.

If batteries offered up a bit more energy density:

Then Tesla would not have had to make sacrifices on aesthetics here.

If anything:

This is the beginning of better days ahead.

As battery technology continues to improve:

Limits on what’s possible will continue to be overcome.

Here’s some amazing photos on the Model X for you to enjoy right here:

Tesla Model X infographic


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