Conergy PV system, solution and service provider builds another 1.3MW plant for education facility in Corcoran

Conergy does it again: working with four time partner, Washington Gas Energy Systems, Inc., the team has successfully completed the installation of seven solar energy systems in California’s central valley for the City of Corcoran. This time the partners installed a total of 1.3 megawatts at local school facilities in a combination of both carport and ground mounted solar energy systems – a special expertise of Conergy. Through this project, Conergy further expands its cooperation with utilities in the USA on projects not financed by the end-user of the clean energy but by a third party.

As EPC, Conergy is responsible for engineering, procurement of product and constructing the system, as well as ongoing operations and maintenance. The long term ownership of the solar plants belongs to Conergy’s partner Washington Gas Energy Systems, with whom the PV solution and service provider has already executed other projects in both California and New Mexico.

City of Corcoran to save on electricity costs through self-consumption
The energy produced by the power plants will be used directly by the schools. All avoiding increasing energy prices. As well as to stabilize overall costs for the school district. The schools will be using 100% of the generated electricity via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The PPA is with Washington Gas Energy Systems that has a term of 20 years. The more than 4,400 solar modules as a Conergy PV system produces more than two million megawatt hours. That’s again of clean solar power every day. That Conergy PV system is the same amount of energy sufficient to supply more than 21,000 laptops. Plus the laptops are running eight hours a day for a year. And, the installations reduce greenhouse gas emissions equal to recycling around 560 tons of waste. That’s instead of sending it to a landfill, or taking more than 312 passenger cars off the road for one year.

Conergy PV system

Washington Gas Energy Systems supports communities on their way to sustainability

Thanks to PPAs, institutions such as the City of Corcoran and its schools are saving. Because they enjoy cheap electricity prices over 20 years. Most importantly prices below the market level for power from the grid. The operators and investors of the plants receive a reliable yield over the term of the PPA.

Third party financing and grid parity are the key for growth in the US solar market

Solar power purchase agreement PPA’s are where consumers pay only for solar kilowatt hours produced. That’s instead of making the upfront investment. Paying upfront is the mainstream way. States consequently with high retail electricity costs and high solar installation love this. Consequently they love the Conergy PV system. That’s for example like California, NY and Hawaii.

In conclusion, Solar power is considerably cheaper today than power from the grid. With a third-party-financed like the Conergy PV system, the end consumers benefit. Finally they benefit from both. That’s low and stable prices for clean electricity and no large investments in the plant itself.

Source: Conergy, this Denver / Corcoran, February 14, 2014 –

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