Waste plastic has been used to make activated carbon in what could offer a commercial solution to the global plastics crisis.

ByGen has had success turning a number of waste plastics including PET into activated carbon.
ByGen has had success turning a number of waste plastics including PET into activated carbon.

To begin, South Australian company ByGen expanded its focus from agricultural wastes. Now it’s including plastics with activated carbon. That means it’s energy being made from several types of plastic. They are even including contaminated plastics waste.

ByGen co-founder Ben Morton and CEO Lewis Dunnigan believe the breakthrough is the first.

That’s because the Adelaide-based company is looking for an industry partner in the plastics sector. All to develop the technology further and take it to market.

Dunnigan commented that there’s a big problem with contaminated plastics. Most interestingly is a global problem! Therefore we need to think about making activated carbon from it creating 3 – 5 MW of heat. Can you say a more efficient way that other forms of energy.

Activated carbon has a variety of industrial uses. They are including purifying liquids such as drinking water. Also food and beverage processing. Furthermore odor removal, contaminated soil remediation and finally gold processing.

Most importantly, it is traditionally made from coal, hardwood or coconut shells. It usually sells for about A$2000 a ton.

Heat can be a valuable bi-product for industries. They are brick making, cement production and industrial drying processes. First of all and most importantly, one ton of plastic generates 3 to 5 MW of heat.

That’s most importantly a lot of energy folks. I mean enough that it then can be converted to electricity or exported to the grid.

ByGen most noteworthy is beginning a campaign for plastic and activated carbon. A campaign most importantly to raise approximately $2.5 million. Finally and all to build a plant.


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