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So City South is the motto today in Adelaide.


International urban environment experts gathering in Adelaide, South Australia. All to tackle the challenge of climate change. Especially in increasingly hotter cities.

Green spaces such as South Australia Adelaide's parklands could play a crucial role keeping the city cool during hot summers. Especially in an urban environment.

Green spaces in South Australia; such as Adelaide’s parklands play such a crucial role. Most noteworthy in keeping the city cool during hot summers.

The University of Adelaide hosted the H2CS – Heat & Habitat in Cities Symposium in the South Australian capital.

The two-day event bringing together international and national experts. As well as policy makers and researchers. All discussing planning, designing, developing and improving cities.

First of all, South Australia and Adelaide are known for their hot, dry summers. So the city experienced 12 days in the first three months of 2019 where daytime temperatures exceeded 37C. That’s including a record maximum temperature of 46.6C on January 24.

“We have warming climates. Also we have increasingly unpredictable weather patterns. So we must be designing cities in the face of these challenges. I mean therefore building correctly has become even more critical.,” said Professor Alan Peters. Alan is consequently the Head of the University of Adelaide’s School of Architecture and Built Environment.

Cities in South Australia consequently must be better managed. As well as new developments need to be better planned and designed. Especially to be more resilient to future changes.

Adelaide and cities around the world are facing similar challenges. They are higher population density. As well as reduced open spaces and rising urban heat. Especially increasing need for cooling to combat the heat, and urban pollution.

In conclusion, South Australia also already has a number of projects. All as a result aiming to sustainably cool down the urban environment. This is particularly during …


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