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Keeping it Green While traveling

For those who are truly committed to maintaining the environment and love to travel. Well traveling is no exception when making green choices. Nevertheless, staying green while traveling can be difficult. Unfortunately, traveling is so closely associated with fossil fuels and other environmentally harmful practices. However, attention concerning the environment is growing. Therefore, there are a number of eco-friendly ways to travel for those who want to be environmentally conscious.

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Efficient Transportation

The top way to travel in terms of energy efficiency, and hence carbon emissions, is cycling. Bikes are lightweight and therefore built for efficiency. They also offer the best ratio of miles to energy which is available. Without burning any fossil fuels, all one has to worry about while cycling is the air miles of one’s breakfast. Moreover, cycling is also a fantastic way to get fit. The traveler can start to gently build up their fitness and power during their journey; maybe even keep the level of fitness when they get home and incorporating cycling into their normal routine. Of course, far from being just a means of transportation, cycling can be the centerpiece of a holiday. Such as traveling through Holland on two wheels and in the open air.
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Somewhere to Stay

Finding an environmentally friendly place to stay while traveling can be rather difficult, especially while cycling (for example), when a traveler doesn’t know precisely where they will be staying on a given night. There are ways, however, to choose the greenest hotels. One of the most obvious methods, when booking ahead, is to search the hotel’s website for environmental accreditation and membership of green associations. By looking out for the clear signs of green-thinking (water-collection facilities, solar panels etc.) it is possible to spot a green hotel from the street. In addition, it is useful to note small points about the running of the hotel, while a guest, which should help to decide whether one should stay there again: do they recycle rubbish? do they provide individual amenities (soap, shampoo)?

Through research it is possible to find a hotel on a traveler’s route which is active in providing sanctuary for local wildlife – once more, this is a great way to give one’s economic vote to businesses which are active in being green.

Travel and getting around is one of the main contributors to CO2 emissions and other pollution word-wide. Therefore it presents an opportunity for people who enjoy travel and seeing new places to be active in choosing the most environmentally sustainable transport and accommodation. As such, travelers can make a difference while they enjoy themselves and see more of the world.


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