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State of the World always calling for bottom-up pressure. As well as greater government accountability

Washington, D.C.—Citizens expecting their governments to lead on sustainability have been badly disappointed. Especially in recent years. From largely ineffectual international climate conferences to the failure to pass meaningful U.S. climate legislation. Therefore governments’ progress is lackluster.

I mean action and the State of the World on climate change, species loss, inequity, and other crises. For it is being run and coordinated by many groups. From citizens’ to women’s and grassroots movements. Most noteworthy and that’s all around the world.

All to often moreover in opposition to the agendas. Especially of governments and big corporations.

State of the World 2014 marks the Worldwatch Institute’s 40th anniversary even mentions this. Yes they no longer exist but their mission still reigns.

For it examines what Governing for Sustainability really means. Political and Economic actors must also achieve sustainability.

So it’s emphasizing citizens making significant sustainability changes. As well as effective governance systems. It includes that systems need to be inclusive and participatory. Thereby allowing members to have a voice in the collective decision making.

In this edition, contributing authors examine improving governance. All by arguing sustainability including action. Especially in both the economic and political spheres. So financial industries must serve as public stewards again. Most importantly, citizens must take responsibility and empower themselves.

Nowadays and not to far from the discussion in 2020. It’s The State of the World forum but from the McCain Foundation!

Worldwatch Institute for security and sustainability

Source: Worldwatch Institute as well as the new Worldwatch Institute

In conclusion the State of the World’s findings are disseminated to a wide range of stakeholders. They are including government ministries, community networks and business leaders. As well as the nongovernmental environmental and development communities. Finally and for more information on the project, visit this archive.

State of the world with solar and sustainability with Corporate Governance

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