So let’s talk being an eco-traveler. For everyone should get out there and see our beautiful planet. From the volcanoes of Indonesia to the beautiful dunes of the Sahara Desert, we are fortunate to have such a fantastic home. Unfortunately, a lot of human activity negatively affects the environment.

As an Eco-friendly traveler, it is up to you to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible. There are many things we can’t avoid if we are traveling. Although airplanes pollute a lot, we need to take one to get started on our adventure! We need to be realistic with our goals, but that doesn’t stop us from trying our best.

Traveling is one of the best things you can do. You will expose yourself to new ways of life and see things you would never know if you stayed home. However, the best kind of traveling is Eco-traveling.

green transportation, green travelingHave the best experience of your life traveling and be environmentally friendly by following these tips!

The first mistake: working away from home

If we want to go on a big adventure, you will need the money to do so. We are so lucky to live in the technology era. So many opportunities for work from home have popped up due to the internet. However, most people commute to their job. Five percent of global carbon emissions come from people commuting to work every day.

By having your own business online, you will have the freedom not to commute everyday. You will save money on gas, eating out, and everything else that comes from working outside the house. That means more money for your trip while protecting the environment.

The second mistake: traveling too much on a whim.

It is always fun to live without boundaries. When your traveling, the idea of doing whatever you want is intoxicating. You could make decisions spontaneously to enhance your experience. Be careful with that, however. The more random you are, the more wasted transportation you take. That directly leads to higher emissions.

The third mistake: being inefficient with supplies and food.

Lizzie McQueen, a travel writer for Revieweal. As well as State of writing. For she says, “if you take a full plate of food, you should finish it. Use only one piece of paper towel if that’s all you need. Take a quick shower. It is effortless to make a list of things not to waste; the tough part is to follow it.”

As a traveler, wasting is looked down upon, especially in developing countries. So be aware of how much food you take, for example. This will also save you money, and you can use that for more exploring!

The fourth mistake: littering.

how to make your eco-traveler more green with properly using the trash

It’s crazy to think that in 2020, there is still such a massive problem with littering. It is devastating for the earth when people litter, especially plastic. Plastic trash has the potential to not only hurt the environment, and it can do damage to wild that comes in contact with it.

There is a severe problem with the amount of trash in our oceans. It is detrimental to all the fish and plant life in the sea. Do your part by never littering! There should never be a garbage can too far away. And since you are traveling, you will probably be wearing a backpack to store your rubbish until you find a trash can.

The fifth mistake: Taking multiple flights.

Rita Collins, a professional travel blogger for Topcanadianwriters and Australian reviewer, offers advice on how to be a good Eco-traveler. “To save a little bit of money, it is common for travelers to take connecting flights instead of a direct flight. Remember, though, airplanes emit a lot of emissions. You may save a little bit of money, but your carbon footprint is pretty large.”

The sixth mistake: Not using Eco-friendly accommodations.

There are hotels and hostels all over the world that bill themselves as environmentally friendly. A significant misstep of an Eco-traveler would be to not stay at these accommodations. Whether they have strict water conservation rules or parts of the building are made of recycled materials, there are a lot of places to stay out there that understand the value of being environmentally friendly.

The seventh mistake: flying first-class.

As lovely as it is, first-class is associated with more carbon emissions. Coach isn’t too bad anyway!

Follow these tips on mistakes to avoid to be a great Eco-traveler!

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