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Many people don’t know or think about the eco benefits of window film. For instance, windows typically account for 15 to 30% of the total heating load and up to half of the cooling load during the summer. With professionally installed window film, you can increase energy efficiency. All while spending up to 80 % less than the cost of new replacement windows. Window film also preserves the window frame and casement so that those materials don’t need to be discarded and reproduced – another great way to go green this spring.

Or as they say, Spring has sprung. Meaning that the days are getting a little longer and temperatures are rising. It’s also the time when many of us begin to revisit that long list of home improvement projects. As we consider making our homes more attractive and energy efficient, it makes sense that we want to save a little green as well.

The International Window Film Association, (IWFA) is a nonprofit trade association representing leading manufacturers, distributors and dealers. The association is proud to recognize April 30, 2017 as the fourth annual National Window Film Day (NWFD). In alignment with proclamations issued by governors and mayors across the United States.

For NWFD is a day dedicated to furthering public education of the many benefits of professionally installed window film.  This includes energy efficiency, indoor temperature comfort, blocking 99% of the sun’s UVA rays, the reduction of fading of furnishings, and possible harmful exposure to skin and eyes. Please see the infographic provided by IWFA for all the ways to go green and save green. In honor of this day, kick the home improvement season off right. Consider professionally installed window film as an alternative to removing and replacing inefficient or older windows.

Up to one-third of a home’s heating and cooling costs can be lost through inefficient windows. Window film rejects up to 55 percent of solar heat.  It offers a more energy efficient environment and some films can even help to retain room heat in the winter months. Owners of older homes, especially, can struggle with the inefficiency caused by aged windows and poor insulation. Windows in vintage homes typically account for 15 to 30 percent of the total heating load, and up to half of the cooling load during the summer. Therefore, new window film can really help with energy efficiency while saving money.

In addition, new window film also preserves the window frame and casement. This reduces waste and reproduction. It’s a win win.

Moreover, if you’re looking to add a creative touch to your windows, decorative window film can transform a living space. From frosted to specialty designs, window film varieties abound.

Many states across the country offer homeowners and business owners incentives for undertaking “green” projects. Therefore, window film may qualify for project reimbursements and tax reductions. To find a local accredited window film installer near you, visit IWFA’s Business Locator.

So, as we welcome Spring and look at our long list of home improvement “to-do’s,” let’s also think about all of the benefits of professionally installed window film. Go green and save green now and all year long.

Article courtesy of Darrell Smith, Executive Director, The International Window Film Association (IWFA)

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