Let’s hear it for Thermal Solar for Affordable Housing!! First of all, Satellite Affordable Housing Associates is based in Berkeley, California. For they embarked on its largest rehabilitation project to date.

For I mean simultaneously recapitalizing five of their members 70 years old communities. Those that are located in Oakland and Berkeley. Thereby solar thermal for totaling approximately 350 units of affordable housing for people over 70. So these five properties of Satellite Central, Park Boulevard Manor, Doh On Yuen, Glen Brook Terrace, and Stuart Pratt. For they have all provided affordable housing for extremely low-income members of the community for over forty years. Four of these buildings now have solar hot water systems installed. All moreover by Berkeley’s Sun Light & Power.

Thermal Solar in Affordable Housing
Harrison Street San Francisco, CA Thermal System Size 56 Collectors Solar Water Heating Equipment Heliodyne Gobi

Dubbed the “Satellite First Communities” project, the rehabilitation of these properties includes seismic upgrades. For example the energy efficiency measures. Some are replacement of major building systems, community area renovations and facade improvements.

In addition, the various green attributes for each building include consequently; no VOC paint and materials. Only recycled material carpeting and also only drought tolerant landscaping.


Finally my favorite, low wattage lighting.

In addition and through financing from Citibank and Enterprise Community Investment. Now the completion of these rehabs in June 2013 allowed these properties to provide quality affordable homes. All as a result for low-income members of the people over 70 communities. That’s for decades to come.

Solar hot water systems from Sun Light & Power for 4 apartment buildings

In conclusion, The Durant Street building in Berkeley is comprised of 12 Heliodyne Gobi 4×10 solar hot water panels. In addition, the 21st street in Oakland is comprised of 28 Heliodyne Gobi 4×10 solar hot water panels. The two other affordable housing buildings in Oakland (on 8th street and Park Boulevard). For they have 10 and 12 Heliodyne Gobi 4×10 solar hot water panels, respectively.

About Satellite Affordable Housing Associates and Sun Light & Power

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