Water damage. How I so dislike you in my house. So you have a dripping tap in your kitchen or a leaky pipe in your basement? Hold on before you deemed their repairs as an additional investment.

Water leaks are common in every home. Moreover they usually go unnoticed. Especially when small or we tend to procrastinate. I mean even after noticing them. Even when small. Yes folks they should be dealt with immediately. That’s because they hold the potential to severely damage your property. Finally and affect your health adversely.

Here have a look at the vast array of risks unchecked water leakage can do.

Toxic Microbial Growth

Microorganisms such as molds, fungus, and mildews. I mean it depends upon moisture for their growth and development. But symptoms are Leakage resulting from broken pipes.  Also improper waterproofing in basements. Finally and faulty fittings. For they promote the accumulation of water in the buildings and houses.

Leaky faucets can create water damage

If they are not drained off timely that’s no good. Because then the resulting microbial growth can cause serious health consequences. Throat irritation, nasal stuffiness. Then skin infections, severe respiratory damage and allergies. Finally  and precipitation of asthma. These are some common dangers associated with their growth.

Some molds upon exposure to water can increase in about 24-48 hours. Therefore making water damage remediation a priority.

Many spores after getting exposed to water get activated. Then they continue to grow even if water has been removed. It’s making the expertise necessary to decrease their growth efficiently.

Infestation by Insects

Not only microbes I’m talking. However various insects also require moisture for their growth. The pooling of water. Also leaks in drainage systems. Also blockages can lead to a buildup of moisture. All which then serve as their perfect habitat.

I mean cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, springtails. Also silverfish are some insects that benefit from a moisture-laden environment. These may contaminate your food and drinking water. Also serve as a vector for deadly bacteria and viruses. Finally and may even damage structural property.

Mold and water damage

So we want to avoid such grave consequences. That’s again why professional measures must be taken. To finally eradicate them.

Structural Damage

One of the crucial areas where negligence can result in severe aftermaths in the worst-case scenario can result in loss of life and property. The most susceptible part of a building or a house is its foundation. Water damage, if left unchecked, can severely weaken the foundation. That’s of a structure. Then it’s totally debilitating its integrity and stability.

Without a strong base, the ground beneath the building shifts under its weight. Then the walls may be compromised. Also it’ll increase the risk of caving in.

Consequently wood, upon absorbing water softens up. So wood not only affects its tensile strength. Then it also serves as the medium for the growth of toxic molds. Soiling of wall paints and permanent stains on your carpets. These are some added disadvantages. All that further make a recovery from water damage an uneconomical process.

Slip Hazards

One of the most obvious risks of water leakage are slip hazards. If water is dripping from your roof onto the floor get it fixed. Because the members of the house are at high risk of slipping or tripping.

Electrical Problems

Another area where utmost caution must be taken is protecting your electrical. Yes and again from your water damage. Because a simple mis-happening. Such as faulty piping in a wall. It can also cause damage. Damage that’s not only dangerous but fatal. Short-circuiting, electrocution, permanent damage to wiring. In addition, power surges, or even fire can occur. That’s if water damage remediation is not done timely.

You might think water damage is not a big deal  yet as I wrote before about water damage from hurricanes! I wrote:

However and according to Zillow.com., one-third (32 percent) of underwater homes would be valued in the bottom third nationally. So that’s meaning $123 billion in losses.

1. Two in five (39 percent) underwater homes would be valued in the top third nationally. That’s  translating to $597 billion in lost high-end real estate.

2. In rural and suburban areas, homes in the top value tier may face particular risk. All the while in urban areas. I mean homes in the bottom value tier are more likely to be affected.

While the damage caused by recent hurricanes is a devastating reminder. I mean especially of how quickly the weather can undo people’s lives. Furthermore, hurricanes destroy homes. Thereby putting homes underwater. Because the potential for damage from a slower-moving phenomenon. It is even more destructive. That’s why it’s called Rising sea levels!!

Hurricanes cause water damage

So we must be in order to safeguard the lives of your loved ones. Especially since it is better you have an expert. Yes in for that assessment. They have the much-needed experience. All that is required to handle such issues safely.

Decrease in Value of Property

Your house is your most valuable asset. You must have worked hard to earn the money to buy it. So only you can understand its true value.

However, as mentioned earlier, water leakage can damage the foundation of your property. It also means that the value of your property will go down. Especially in case of any structural damage.

Underrated Assessment

Many think employing a professional for water damage remediation could be an expensive venture. However, they fail to realize that contrary to their beliefs.

Because it’s a cost-saving investment.

Preventing the unwanted growth of microbes and insects. All the electrical damage. Moreover preserving the integrity of your house. These are some areas that need to be addressed professionally or if improperly handled they entail hidden costs that virtually everyone fails to see.

Medical bills, risk of loss of life. Also or extensive damage to your property. Again, these are some issues associated with amateur handling of water damage.

A professional has years of experience and knowledge. All about the various classes and types of water damage. Finally and the skills required to deal with it.


Here are some of the major risks involved in case of water leakage in your property. So, to save yourself from such unnecessary hassles. That’s especially when it comes to dealing with water damage. Finally, call in an expert to do the job. Enjoy your morning tea or coffee with a bright smile. Also while a professional is taking care. It’s finally not the water damage bothering you.

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