Besides my favorite Hunter Douglas shades, it is not so much about putting pot-plants throughout the house. Or the stupid joke of painting the house green.

To ‘green’ your home is to create an eco-friendly, sustainable environment that least affects your carbon footprint on this earth, especially with global-warming on the rise.

Going Green is indeed in! It’s so easy to do, so why not start now? Whether you’re at the office, out for a enjoyable picnic with the whole family or simply tending to the plants in your garden and lawns while doing some spring cleaning, doing your part to help conserve our dwindling natural resources must be foremost in our thoughts. Follow these five tips found in our greenhouse buying guide to help protect our environment and conserve our natural resources – starting right in your own home.

organic composting for your garden

1. Green your home

Our homes are filled with many unnatural products. Conventionally, we are used to buying specific products for specific purposes. These products leave residue on household surfaces, your clothes and linger in the air (poison in the lungs). Try going green with eco-friendly detergents that are grey water safe. Best of all, look in the pantry for natural cleaning products, like baking soda, vinegar, eucalyptus oil and lemon juice.

all organic garden

2. Green your power

From the time we sleep, to the time we wake, we are affected by electromagnetic frequency (EMF) emissions. To save on energy, help reduce EMFs and help conserve natural resources, make the switch to longer-lasting LED lightbulbs and use appliances with Energy Star ratings. Lead-free paints are safer on the respiratory system for your family and pets. Opt for skylight or solar power to reduce power costs. The sun is free.

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3. Green your sleep

EMFs can also affect your ability for deep-state sleep, naturally, without drugs.choosing solar power for your home

Remove electronics out of the bedroom (including the TV!), and keep your Smartphone away from your body while you sleep. The blue light emitted from electronic devices mimic daylight telling your brain to remain active. Switch off the computer and turn off the lights to get better sleep and reduce energy costs.

4. Green your body

Feeling lethargic and constantly getting sick? You may have a toxin build-up in your body. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides (and pretty much anything ending with -icide) are toxins to your body, even in small amounts. By consuming organic products, your body can maintain a higher level of health and energy. Invest in reusable glass bottles, stainless steel bottles or BPA-free plastic bottles for your water. Add organic smoothies, salads, juices to your diet to green your insides.

organic smoothie to green your insides

Organic Green Smoothie

5. Green your beauty

With so many chemicals around us and in our foods, we cannot help but be exposed to the copious amounts of synthetic, man-made chemicals we put on our most precious environmental protectant – our skin. Man-made chemicals are synthetically created in scientific laboratories which further exploit natural resources. Not to mention cruel animal testing. You are what you eat. If you can’t eat it, would you put it on your skin? There are many organic, natural products you can use for external beauty: coconut oil for styling hair, extra-virgin olive oil for moisturizing skin, salt and lemon juice as a facial cleanser, and organic apple cider vinegar for reducing acne.

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unter Douglas energy efficiency shades are a great way to go Green in the home

Hunter Douglas energy efficiency shades are a great way to go Green in the home

Ready to go green? Remember, Going Green is definitely in!