There are lots of gadgets and smart devices coming out now. All that make sustainability much easier and more convenient. These devices can especially help the people that want to be more sustainable. However those that also don’t want to give up some of their daily comforts. Especially or feel that they don’t have the time to do it.

Regardless of your status in life and the time you have on your hands. It’s so so time to get green. So here are eight inventions that can help innovate your lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Charger

You charge your phone every day, but have you ever thought about how much electricity that adds up to? Using a solar charger can make that much easier. This solar charger is portable. That’s so you don’t need to be around an outlet. Also you can charge your phone multiple times from a single solar charge. This environmentally friendly charger allows you to connect any USB-enabled device. Again that’s such as your phone or tablet, and change how you have been charging in an eco-friendly way. All using clean energy harvested from the sun.

LED Light Bulbs

LED bulb and simple light bulbs.Green background
LED Green Lighting is always the way to go!

Using LED light bulbs is a no brainer. Not only are they more energy-efficient, but they save you money by lasting up to 25 times longer and provide brighter and more natural light to your home. You don’t have to worry if you have kids, because these bulbs don’t get too hot and, since they are plastic, they won’t shatter if dropped. This is an easy and convenient change that you can make now to preserve the earth—and your money.

Smart Showerhead

Just because you’re “unplugged” from technology in the shower doesn’t mean you can’t used technology to curb your water usage habits. This smart showerhead uses low-flow to reduce your water usage, but it is only effective if you don’t use it as an reason to shower longer. This spout tracks your water usage in real-time and shows you the temperature and amount of water you are using, helping you be more conscious. Not only does this help you to reduce your carbon footprint in the shower, but it can help create a habit of using less water everywhere. Plus, the showerhead’s digital display is water-powered, so no need to worry about using additional electricity.

Collapsible Straws

Plastic straws are not biodegradable and litter our streets, fields, and oceans. Collapsible silicone straws are an easy and convenient solution. They are eco friendly, BPA free and FDA approved! For less than $5, you can keep them in your purse, car or attach them to your keys or backpack without worrying about denting your bank account. They even come with a small brush for cleaning. These straws are suitable to use with all drinks, whether cold or hot, allowing you to enjoy your drinks and have a clear mind knowing you are contributing to a cleaner environment.


In 2019, the United States used more than 142.23 billion gallons of gasoline. If we could reduce that number, it would result in a decrease of air pollution and greenhouse gases. 

DriveTag is another gadget and smart device that tracks your driving and fuel usage. You simply stick it on the windshield and you can view the results real-time on a phone app. It also gives you driving tips, so you can drive safer and reduce your usage of fuel while also saving your brake pads and tires.

Home energy tracker. This energy tracker is a gadget and smart device providing data about the energy usage in your home and sends it straight to your smartphone so you can see it from anywhere

Home Energy Tracker

This energy tracker is a gadget and smart device providing data about the energy usage in your home and sends it straight to your smartphone so you can see it from anywhere. The app tracks your usage patterns and then offers feedback on what you can do to reduce your energy usage. You can see when someone leaves a bedroom light on and create custom notifications to alert you if a device, such as a flat iron, was plugged in too long without your knowledge. With the help of this device you can be more informed and efficient.

Non-electric Washing Machine

Even ENERGY STAR certified washing machines use around 14 gallons of water per load. But we can beat that—this non-electric washing machine requires only one and a half to three gallons of water, zero electricity, and it cleans your clothes in just 5-10 minutes—while giving you a good leg workout. And because it’s so small, it’s easy to store out of view when it’s not in use, so you’ll have even more open space in your home for storage, decor, or whatever you’d like!

Food Recycler

One of the many problems with landfills is it releases methane (a greenhouse gas) when waste, like food, decomposes. Backyard composting has been an answer for years, but it isn’t the most time-effective or practical as not everyone has a backyard or access to a compost pick-up service. Home food recyclers can turn your food scraps into fertilizer in less than 24 hours—and they only take up a few square feet of space. Your processor can even be controlled from an app on your phone, making it a great, eco-friendly alternative to the old-school composting method.

Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice convenience and comfort. These ideas and gadgets and smart devices are a few ways for you to get started and be more mindful. Especially of how you are using your resources. Pick a few of these things and get started today on simplifying your life and literally making the world a better place.

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