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Let’s talk metal recycling recycle: especially in urban areas for scrap. All because primary mining is no good. It also affects local habitats. That’s as well as biodiversity. All because of deforestation.

First of all, if we continue with our consumption patterns to start, we know. For it will cause great geological damage on Earth. Damage that will take hundreds of years to heal.

So mining operations release greenhouse gases and heavy metal toxins into the water. All these are harmful not only to the environment but to people as well. Scrap metal recycling to recycle in urban areas doesn’t emit as many emissions at all!

Estimates show that if all 7.8 billion people in the world can’t have an American lifestyle. Especially since we would need approximately 1.7 Earths to satisfy our consumption patterns.All according to the Global Footprint network.

Thankfully, we can all take part in green industries. So scrap metal recycling in urban areas can help bridge our consumption while also being socially responsible!

Insight on Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling is essential for future mining Metal recycling urban. Where most waste goes

Scrap metal recycling is a billion-dollar industry that provides half a million green jobs annually. In the US alone, car metal recycling to recycle is the 16th largest industry which grosses $25 billion annually domestically. With 84% of cars suitable for recycling. Then car manufacturers can reduce their production costs by 60%.  Moreover and lower their carbon emissions when they use recycled metal. Metal has an endless life cycle. Cars have been recycled for the past 150 years and turned into new steel products. In fact, about 12 million cars are recycled yearly. 

Cars, however, are not the only source of recycled metals. Manufacturers of electronic equipment, home appliances and even cookware can sell metal shavings as an additional income stream. However, manufacturers are not the only ones who can benefit from scrap metal recycling to recycle. Individuals can also earn by recycling unused items found at home. 

Repurpose Urban Mining 

Did you know that the raw materials used to make the 5,000 medals prepared for the Tokyo Olympics were made from 6 million mobile phones. That’s as well as 72 million tons of other electronic devices. All donated from across Japan? Metals from electronic devices like mobile phones, game consoles, old stereos, printers and computer equipment. I mean that’s just to name a few. For it can be recycled. From these, gold, silver, copper and palladium can be extracted to make new electronic devices. Globally, waste from these electronic devices is about 50 tons. It also grows 3-4% annually.

With primary mining contributing to 50% of carbon emissions. As well as 90% of the loss of biodiversity. Therefore it is worth saving these electronic devices from the landfill and recycling.  In addition to repurposing them just like the Tokyo Olympic medals. So if you have the time, look through your dusty drawers. Then check for unused gadgets and find the closest recycling facility to sell or donate these. You help save the environment and even earn yourself a few bucks.       

Collect Your Aluminum Cans

Aluminum uses the most electricity in its production. The production of one aluminum is equivalent to the use of a light bulb for 20 hours. That’s 2 hours of television or 3 hours of computer use. Thankfully, aluminum cans can be effectively recycled. That’s as approximately 105,784 aluminum cans are recycled per minute. When you recycle aluminum cans, you help save 21,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. That’ll help keep 45 billion cans from the landfill. 

In conclusion and with all the benefits of metal recycling, we need to do more. For it’s a mystery why only one-third of metal is collected and reused. Together, we can all do our share. With these two small acts of selling our old gadgets. Also we can be recycling our aluminum cans. Finally, we can do our part! All in saving nature and the livelihood of future generations.

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