Smart, Creative Ways Organizing Your Garden

Owning a garden has its benefits, but we can’t fail to mention the amount of stress that goes into making it spick, span and productive.

And then you have to keep it organized too? Arrrghhh…another undesirable stressor!

We’ve put together a few tips to help you smartly and creatively organize your garden despite having a hundred things to literally tend to.

1. What’s Your Gardening Plan?

If you don’t naturally get excited by plans and bullet points and lists staring you in the face, having an effective gardening plan might have become a problem.

Now, a new garden plan needn’t be elaborate or filled with dozens of specifics, but at least, the plan gives a roadmap on what to expect in the gardening journey.

Putting up a plan might require that you get some guidance from local garden blogs, gardening books, or a local community. Whichever way you choose to find inspiration; this step should not be skipped.

2. Get Your Cabinet Transformed into a Potting Bench

This is where outdated cabinets and bookcases become your best friends for the superior service they are able to offer. You could, for example, take your outdated cabinet or bookcase into the garden, scrub on a good dose of fresh paint and have it transformed into an outdoor potting station. Sounds awesome? Yeah; because it is!

In this station, you can store your gardening tools, gloves, seed packets in drawers and as well, store pesticides, bags of soil and extra pots in the cupboards.

3. Build an Outdoor Coffee Table

An outdoor coffee table is a perfect space to enjoy time spent with your family. It also has storage space for essential stuff such as books, houseplants and possibly, wine essentials.

You can achieve this with a couple of wooden crates which have been freshly painted, gluing them to a piece of plywood and adding on some wheels.  Coffee tables can come with outdoor lounge furniture, and this combination gives you the perfect space for both relaxation and storage.

4. Build Your Garden Hose Holder

Ever had that gross experience where your garden hose keeps tangling up around itself? Quite annoying, don’t you think?  

It’s obvious that no one wants to have a garden hose that continues to waste time because of how much work you have to do detangling it before use. Well, not anymore!

You can build an efficient garden hose holder to help keep your hose within reach, stop the hose from getting all tangled up, and help your garden become well organized. In one move, you have become the poster gardener for ‘smart and chic’.

5.     Store Your Gardening Tools with the aid of a Hanging Organizer

Hanging organizers are fix-it-all equipment because you can truly store everything in them. In a hanging organizer, you can store shoes, beauty products, makeup, cleaning supplies, crafts, etc. You also get to keep your gardening gloves, clippers, seed packets, plant stakes and whatever else in their pockets; following which it can be hung on your tool shed or on the wall without much ado.

Wrapping Up

Every smart garden needs to have equipment that makes work both easier and faster; and whether you choose one or all of the above options, they are guaranteed to deliver a less stressful period of gardening to you.