Electric vehicles are eco impact 101. We need them more than ever. To start, did you know that one-fifth of the U.S.’s total carbon emissions come from car pollution?

Commuting eco impact is bad. Why we need more electric vehicles. Yes

One of the biggest contributors to this is commuting. I mean the fact that many people commute alone to work every day in their gas-powered vehicle. So carpooling has a great eco impact but not if it’s not an electric vehicle! That eco impact then coupled along with the adoption of electric vehicles.

Chevy Volts Charging Via Car Charing Group - Fast Charging!
Chevy Volts Charging Via Car Charing Group – Fast Charging!

As I’ve written before,

Carpool With Coworkers

If you live in close proximity to some of your coworkers, creating a carpool rotation is one of the easiest ways to make your commute more eco-friendly. You’ll save on gas and maintenance for your vehicle. Especiallysince you will be driving less often. Sharing a ride to work even a few times a week can nearly cut your impact in half. Carpooling is a no-brainer in terms of being more green. Especially since you don’t need to adjust your work schedule or transportation mode. Simply get together with coworkers and make the morning commute a breeze!

Unfortunately, carpooling is not always an option. In big cities, people are often on different work schedules. As well as in the country, coworkers might live miles from one another. Therefore making carpooling extremely inconvenient. The adoption of electric vehicles can also be an issue in rural areas, as the correct electric charging stations are often not easily accessible.

In conclusion, it’s not coincidence, then. That states with lowest number of electric vehicles and the highest number of solo commuters share significant overlap. Using U.S. Census data, the experts at The Zebra have analyzed each of these factors to determine an overall “eco impact” rating per state.

Finally, Thanks TheZebra.com with this graphic.

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