AeroBarrier, the first automated, single-process approach to sealing the building envelope used on all new homes built by Arizona-based Mandalay Homes. Developed at the University of California, Davis, AeroBarrier turns a labor-intensive, multi-step procedure into a single application process.  Therefore, that can quickly and easily deliver industry-leading passive-house levels of envelope tightness. So Mandalay Homes’ commitment to the use of the AeroBarrier technology on every future home building projects.  This therefore highlights the major innovation that the technology represents.  Also, and more noteworthy the significant advantages it provides to the building industry.

In addition, AeroBarrier technology recently completed last field trials where it is to seal the envelopes of hundreds of homes.

That includes multi-family apartments and other buildings. The technology used by commercial building contractors. Those looking to quickly and cost-effectively meet high levels of air tightness.AeroBarrier on a building

Unlike today’s multi-step, multi-product methods used to seal the building envelope, AeroBarrier technology administered as a single step process that delivers into the air an aerosol mist of sealant.  Sealant that seeks out and seals leaks throughout the entire structure. The computer-controlled procedure can seal a single room or an entire home to passive house levels.  Like of 0.6 ACH50 in a matter of a few hours. At the end of the process, the computer-controlled sealing equipment generates a printout. You heard me! A report documenting final results.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, sealing the building envelope is one of the most critical features of an energy-efficient home.

Leaks in the building envelope reduces indoor comfort by allowing moisture, drafts and unwanted noise to enter the home. They also cut indoor air quality by allowing dust and other airborne contaminants to permeate the structure. In addition, leaks in the building envelope account for as much as 40 percent or more of the energy used to heat and cool a typical home.

For more information on AeroBarrier technology, its use in current building projects or information on how to use the technology in a future construction project, contact Paul Springer, Business Development Manager, Aeroseal LLC at (937) 428-9300 or visit

AeroBarrier applied as an aerosol mist of sealant that seeks out and seals leaks throughout the entire building envelope.  With the room under pressure, the sealant drawn to the leaks within the building envelope, where it then accumulates and closes the gaps.  Multiple nozzles can be used to quickly and effectively seal the building envelope of entire structures.