There really is nothing better than seeing your children smiling and laughing uncontrollably, knowing that you have helped to achieve those positive emotions. Quality family time in the great outdoors is vital for us all. Doing that, while knowing that you are not having a negative impact on the world around us, can be so rewarding for everyone involved. Continue reading for some suggestions.

Scavenger Hunt

Lace up your sneakers or pop on your wellington boots and stomp around the local area. For some children, walking is not their idea of fun, but there are so many things you can add into it to make it even more exciting for them. Print out (on recycled paper) a list of things to find like conkers, heart-shaped stones, certain leaves, and make it into a scavenger hunt. You could also choose to do an A-Z search while you are trekking around the neighborhood. Take it in turns to find certain things going all the way through the alphabet. Alternatively, go through the colors of the rainbow and see if you can each spot something in that shade.

Do not worry if the weather is not on your side. Rain can’t stop your fun. Just dress appropriately and enjoy jumping in the puddles. There is something so satisfying about making a splash that goes over your head. Don’t worry about doing this as your clothes and hair will wash. The amount of fun certainly outweighs the effort it takes to get clean again. Don’t restrict your walks to the daylight either. A little flashlight adventure can create memories for life.

Use Public Access to Park

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have pleasant places nearby to walk to. Rather than taking the car, try to use public transport, if at all possible, to limit the impact your travel has on the environment. Alternatively, get on your bikes and cycle to a nearby country park. Take a picnic with you and you are bound to enjoy yourselves.

If you are lucky enough to have outdoor space as part of your accommodation, use the space to have fun. Hide and seek can always be fun. If you don’t have any decent hiding places for humans, try hiding several toys for the children to find. Camping is such a treat, but you do not have to restrict it to vacations. Try pitching up a tent in your back garden and spend the night sleeping in it.

Check Out the Birds

Before the sun sets, have a go at some backyard bird identification if you have older kids. It can be a fantastic way to realize what a wide variety of flying creatures visit your property in the space of a few hours. There is no way that your children will be keen to head into their sleeping bag before they absolutely must, so get out the telescope and do some stargazing. If you don’t have the equipment, fear not. Simply looking at the sky, searching for a lucky shooting star, can be just as thrilling.