Green Living Guy Talks Corona with Girlie Girl Army!

Here’s a clip from it but shout out goes to Chloé over at Girlie Girl Army! She’s gotta great fierce group of followers. Therefore it’s a group I can talk to. They get it and also care enough to stand up! Here’s a clip:

So let’s get real folks: Pollution creates sickness. Sickness makes it then easier to pollinate a virus and hurts people with a virus!

Why do I say this? Because this is a wake up call. We must plant trees, go solar, eat and drink organic, and stop pollution. Never has it been clearer.

The Corona virus as reported is a combination of several virus – all that attack our immune system and lung cells. Suddenly us green folk want the damn clorox, lysol and poison chemicals that kill kill kill. It’s even in my garage in case of emergency. Whether you’ve opted for the clorox or Mrs. Meyers – here’s what you need to know about air and covid19:

Coronavirus May Very Well Green The World

First off, let’s rank air quality in the 30 most polluted cities. New Data Ranks Health Threat in Cities from Worst to Best For in GOLDACH, Switzerland and on Feb. 25, 2020 in PRNewswire. They report air pollution continues to pose one of the biggest threats to human health – with 90% of the global population breathing unsafe air. The latest data compiled by IQAir is published in the 2019 World Air Quality Report and online with most polluted cities ranking. One reveals the changing state of particulate pollution (PM2.5) around the world during 2019.

The new dataset highlights elevated air pollution levels. All as a result of climate change events like sandstorms, wildfires, and pollution where it gains from the rapid urbanization of cities. Especially in areas such as Southeast Asia. While some achievements have been made in air quality monitoring infrastructure globally, there are still huge gaps in access to data around the world.
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