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Shoutout to BBB magazine for this idea of a post. I mean I even think about buying a new pair of boxing gloves seems like a piece of cake. Right?

But, it’s not that easy. That’s because you have to know what exactly you are looking for. I mean check various online websites, consult with a friend, find out your size. Then if you want to save the environment. That’s when things get even harder. Especially as you have to get boxing gloves that aren’t made out of leather.

Therefore, the process of finding boxing gloves gets much harder. I mean especially if you want to avoid leather. I mean regardless if you do it to save the environment. So embrace a completely vegan lifestyle, or you just don’t like the feel of them. By eliminating their mean feature, things may get harder at first. Yet once you find them, you’ll know you did the right thing.

Thankfully, there are several places that offer you the option of looking for non-leather/vegan boxing gloves. For example and such as the BBB magazine, with the alternative that you find there being more than decent. Then naturally, you wouldn’t want a pair that feels cheap, like plastic-vinyl or anything of that sort.

What should you pay attention to?

Synthetic leather is often used for making non-leather boxing gloves, but you have to watch one and differentiate between the brands that use synthetic materials to be eco friendly and the ones that are doing this so they can create cheaper products, because, as you can tell, the second group is not the one you’d want to deal with.

Of course, many people know that you can find cheap imitations online and they try to stay away from them. This, in turn, made the brands create clever names for their products and materials they use, so to give the impression that they do create quality – it even makes the products sound better than the good ones.

You can find terms like “Skintex Leather” or “Maya Hide Leather”, but they’re not actually leather. Somehow, what manufacturers failed to take into consideration is how this can backfire: it’s misleading not only for people who are looking for leather gloves, but also for those who are looking for non-vegan products, and thus, both groups avoid them.

What you need to pay to attention isn’t so much the names used. Especially as that’s usually just branding. You know used for the same types of synthetic leather. What you should be really looking for is for gloves that are durable, waterproof. Also tear- and abrasion-resistant, and so on. All which depend on how they were created.

What materials are good?

A good option to pick is the microfiber one, as it is a high-quality one, and it’s a pretty recent invention, so all models are modern. The microfiber option is just as durable as leather, only you’ll find it to be much smoother, as there is no grain involved in the creation process. This option is also much lighter, and it won’t start being affected as you use it, as leather is.

Synthetic materials don’t have the best reputation when it comes to handling moisture or odors, but this material actually does a good job with them, as it’s really important in the game not to deal with such issues. So, if you are looking for vegan boxing gloves, those made from microfiber are a great choice!

What should you avoid?

While looking for non-leather options, the most common material is going to be vinyl. Although that’s a pretty resilient material, it won’t ever last as long as leather or other materials do. The more you use them, the quicker they will begin to split. This is why they are not the best choice available out there.

They are good for people who only train from time to time. Be real with yourself and think if you could do with such a pair or you really need a more expensive one, because you may be just the type of person that could use vinyl gloves to their full advantage, all the while, saving money.

Now, when you will be out there looking for non-leather/vegan boxing gloves, you’ll have a better idea of what you should buy and what you should avoid, always keeping in mind that there are marketing tactics to lure you toward some products.  Finally, so be careful and don’t fall for anything available.

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