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Now while we have all heard that Ford is Understanding customers and that all is coming with an electric mustang. Great.

However, Ford has been extensively studying how past and current EV owners use their vehicles. The company has sold more than 520,000 electrified vehicles in North America since 2005 and 560,000 globally.

In studying 33,000 Ford EV owners that have made 58 million unique trips, Ford has learned:

Ford CMAX ENERGI NOW DISCONTINUEDFord EVBuild your own electric vehicles
88 percent of customers’ habitual daily driving distance is 60 miles or less. For plug-in hybrids, the average refueling distance is 680 miles, making gas station trips rare.

Customers want as much electric range as possible, but range anxiety drops over time as they become more comfortable and familiar with the technology

80 percent of Ford EV customers charge once a day; 60 percent during evenings
Ford EV customers collectively have plugged in their vehicles a total of 9.4 million nights

An overwhelming majority of Ford EV owners expect to replace their current EV with a new one, additional Ford research shows. Specifically:

92 percent of battery electric car customers say they will purchase another battery electric vehicle as their next purchase

87 percent of plug-in hybrid customers want another plug-in for their next vehicle

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