Nurseries and gardeners are giving away free wood chip mulch. Especially because it holds in moisture and adds nutrients back to the soil. According to Go Tree Quotes, This layer of mulch will reduce the amount of water needed to sustain the trees, as evaporation is hindered in summer. During winter, the explosion enzyme activity. Especially as the woodchips are slowly decomposing. So it generates heat to protect the tree roots. All by maintaining a good soil temperature. However, connecting with a tree service to bring you a load of free chips. Well, that has always been cumbersome until now.

A new Kickstarter project that just launched promises not only to provide the easiest way to request a load of free wood chip mulch but also to save diesel fuel and our overcrowded landfills.

Free wood chip mulch

Mark Russell, I.S.A. Certified Arborist, and the project’s founder explains;

“Since 1997 I’ve delivered mulch across the city to the dump sites, all the while knowing that I was passing people who would love it. The problem was the inefficiency of local tree service maintaining their own separate in-house mulch request lists. I realized that we needed one centralized list for maximum efficiency. So we built phase one and people love it!”

The Free Mulch app from is the fastest way for the clients to get their mulch. It saves the tree service time and fuel, and for every connection the app makes it prevents an average of 2 to 5 gallons of fuel being needlessly wasted and 12-30 cubic yards of valuable material out of the landfill!

Check out the kickstarter project here:

Sign up for a load of free wood chip mulch here:

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