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At Penn State, President Obama announced his Better Building Initiative. This is one which sets the goal of improving efficiency in commercial buildings 20 percent by 2020.

Therefore, Commercial buildings represent a large opportunity to help rebuild the economy while benefiting the environment. Commercial buildings account for 20 percent of US energy use. All the while unemployment in the construction sector is at a staggering 20 percent. Promoting efficiency in commercial buildings will increase employment in the construction sector. All while cutting businesses’ energy bills, allowing them to hire more workers. Lower energy bills also mean less air pollution that harms human health and the environment.

Energy efficiency in commercial buildings

Yes, this announcement is welcome news.  Many building owners want to invest in improving the energy efficiency of their buildings, reducing monthly energy bills and increasing the value of the building.  But building owners have been slow to make these investments, held back by many market barriers and uncertainty in the market today.  There are wide-spread benefits that result from this private investment, and it makes a ton of sense for government to take the lead to reduce the barriers holding back this investment.

As I’ve written before:

How do windows “lose” energy? According to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), in winter, poor quality windows that aren’t well insulated. They create drafts in the home. These inefficient windows create the feeling of a draft. All due to changing air temperatures. Because warm air near a cold pane of glass will quickly cool and then fall. Thereby creating a cycle of moving air. Moving air generally creates a cooling effect.

In summer, it can be difficult to adequately and efficiently cool a room with poor window quality.

That’s because the sun is able to directly influence and heat the temperature of the room.

So combating the problem of energy loss is a major issue for home and business owners. That’s especially in areas that are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations. That’s why a growing number of these consumers are searching. Searching for ways to improve their energy efficiency.

Source: Courtesy Of NRDC Read more here:

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