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Powering Title 24 Solar Carports

SDC Energy is a leading provider of commercial solar financing. So they have launched their Powering Title 24 Program.

This program also partners Baja Construction and Grid Technologies. California is moreover the first state in the country on this. For they require solar energy on all new residential properties. Especially under three stories by 2020.

Powering Title 24

Thereby unique in the solar industry. Powering Title 24 combines solar carports. As well as virtual net-metering software. In addition to tax-enabled financing.

This is clearly to help apartment builders and owners convert Title 24 mandates into long-term benefits.
Powering Title 24 Solar Carports

SDC Energy

Powering Title 24 Turns Compliance into Profits

“Powering Title 24 turns compliance into profits,” says Charles Schaffer, CEO of SDC Energy. You see solar carports generate tax credits and accelerated depreciation benefits. All of these things offset all of their construction costs. As well, working with their partners can build PV-powered carports. That’s essentially for free while creating a new revenue stream for multi-tenant property owners.

Multifamily Projects

Multifamily properties will also see even more changes in 2019. AB 802, which will also take effect in June. For it requires all California multi-family building owners to disclose their properties’ energy usage.

Thereby to reveal their level of Title 24 compliance. Leveraging solar energy will also be a critical component in compliance strategies.

Most importantly, Powering Title 24 is a trio of services.

They are ones that leverage parking structures into solar generating carports.

They are combining intelligent software that monitors the electricity produced and integrates billing systems. This helps enable the sale of solar power to tenants. Most noteworthy and the linchpin of the program is custom financing. With financing one gets secure, flexible terms for solar installers and their customers. This all the while enabling private investors to cut their tax bills with PV incentives.

California Solar Mandate

California’s solar mandate shines new light on the value of building green communities,” says Brandon Morford, CEO of Baja Construction. “Because we already build 70% of all multi-family carports in California and lead carport manufacturing in the solar industry, we can quickly supply builders with a very cost-effective solution.”

As well and after installation, Powering Title 24 makes sure that the project’s electricity is distributed efficiently. “Our energy monitoring system leverages ‘virtual’ net metering to create a passive revenue stream for building owners,” explains Dover Janis, co-founder and CEO of Grid Technologies.

So it also seems owners gain from the sale of solar. Thereby while tenants save 5% to 10% on their utility bills. Plus, adding solar boosts property values.  Can you say up to two and a half times the cost of the installation.


In conclusion, comes a survey of 2,800 apartment residents. For it shows three in five of them under the age of 34. It found that 84% of tenants say that living in an eco-friendly building is important to them. Most noteworthy, nearly two-thirds would pay more to live in a green community. Finally, Powering Title 24’s PV carports create energy-efficient properties that command higher rents. As well, with longer leases while reducing construction costs.

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