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AUSTIN – Opportunities abound for residential solar companies. Especially if they offer homeowners solar panel installation for little or no money down. As well as a low monthly fee.  They call that solar leasing.

It seems consequently that a national poll by EnviroMedia shows that a large majority of Americans are definitely interested. That’s in new solar leasing programs. Thereby it’s important to offer an alternative price structure.

Americans Like Solar Leasing! Source: Enviromedia
Americans Like Solar Leasing! Source: Enviromedia

EnviroMedia president and behavior change expert Kevin Tuerff  said he wasn’t surprised 70% of people want solar. Furthermore, he’s also not surprised people don’t know about solar leasing!

Renewable resources are already providing massive economic and environmental benefits across NYS for example. I mean with installed solar capacity having grown 300% between 2011 and 2014. Yet, many New Yorkers are still unable to participate because they rent their home. They also live in an apartment building and or own properties unsuitable. All non starters for installing solar panels or other clean energy technologies

Green Power Market Consequently Untapped By Utilities

So the EnviroMedia poll shows 48 percent of American homeowners don’t know basic solar information.  They as well say consumers (48 percent) haven’t thought of adding solar panels to their home. In addition and especially to offset some of their electricity use.

But interest in solar options spiked when they became aware of their options. Consequently it spikes when respondents learn about the benefits of solar leasing. Finally, 67 percent said that they are very interested in such a program.

In conclusion, the study also found that only 9 percent of respondents said they currently participate in a renewable energy. Also a green power option with their electricity provider.

This option benefits the majority of the California’s  businesses. As well as therefore over 38 million residents. In California, it directs the three largest investor-owned Utilities to go green. They are Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison Company and San Diego Gas and Electric Company. They all together cover nearly 80% of the state. So they offer a Green-e Energy certified 100% renewable energy option to their customers. The measure also encourages the three utilities to develop a range of green power options. Therefore allowing ratepayers at all income levels to use more renewable energy. That’s consequently towards the state’s current requirement of 33% by 2020.

Finally, combining solar electric (PV) and solar thermal erases a multi-family building’s energy concerns. That’s a single mobilization reducing the overall cost of both systems. PV offsets 100% of high-cost electricity. All the while solar water heating for domestic hot water loads eliminates the volatility and high carbon footprint of natural gas. Going solar therefore helps multi-family housing projects with LEED credits and GreenPoint rating. Finally and also meeting Title 24 requirements.

Source: EnviroMedia

Headquartered in Austin, EnviroMedia provides sustainability communications and consulting services. All to the world’s most innovative agents of change. Areas of focus are air, water, energy, waste, and alternative transportation.

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