The growing demand in California for multi-family housing solar installations as investments

Sun Light & Power works with many multi-family real estate developers who are expanding their investment into solar energy. The recent dramatic reduction in costs of solar energy allows it to compete very well with energy from utilities. Solar energy also helps meet the renewable energy mandates of many municipalities. Additionally, solar energy is eligible for generous incentives, federal tax credits, and both federal and state accelerated depreciation schedules.

Solar electricity and solar hot water benefits
Combining solar electric (PV) and solar thermal can erase most of a multi-family building’s energy concerns, and a single mobilization reduces the overall cost of both systems. PV offsets up to 100% of high-cost electricity while solar water heating for domestic hot water loads eliminates the volatility and high carbon footprint of natural gas. Going solar can help multi-family housing projects with LEED credits, GreenPoint rating, and meeting Title 24 requirements.

Sun Light & Power’s 159 projects include 9.058 megawatts installed

Working with many developers and General Contractors, Sun Light & Power has completed 159 multi-family projects that include over 9 megawatts of installed solar energy.

Developers include:
Advent Housing
Alpha Group SF
Avalon Bay Communities, Inc.
AMCAL Multi-Housing, Inc.
Carmel Partners
Citycentric Investments
Douglas Ross Construction
Emerald Fund
Essex Property Trust
Forest City Enterprises, Inc.
Gerding Edlen
Holiday Development
Lennar Corporation
Michael Simmons Property Development, Inc.
On Lok, Inc.
Panoramic Interests
Pocket Development
Prometheus Real Estate Group
The John Stewart Company
Urban Housing Group
Zeta Communities

Rebate funds secured total $9.5 million for property owners

General Contractors include:
American Community Home Builders
Barry Swenson Builders
Cahill Contractors, Inc.
Midstate Construction
Morley Builders
Nibbi Brothers
Roem Development
Segue Construction
Webcor Builders

Source: Sun Light & Power

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