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Before growing up, we look at the renovating your kitchen as if it is some extra room in our house that we’ll probably never use. As you reach adulthood, the kitchen becomes this sacred place that you can’t live without, literally and figuratively. Once you start cooking your food, the smallest details that you probably never bothered to check to start having an important impact on your quality of life and cooking sessions. But just like anything, the kitchen wears down gradually over time, not to mention the sudden availability of upgrades that can make your life much easier. Renovating your kitchen can be one of the best decisions about your home that you do. We’ve made this guide to help you wrap your head around what you need to know before you start renovating the kitchen.


Other than achieving functionality, renovating the kitchen would immediately increase your house’s resale value. The kitchen and bathroom are the most expensive rooms to renovate in the house; with a myriad of endless projects such as plumbing, lighting fixtures, to changing the cabinets. To keep your budget in check, a golden rule is to only invest about 10% of your overall house’s value. With a specified budget, you will find it rather hard to get distracted by side projects. Sometimes you might feel tempted to cut some costs by keeping your old windows, plumbing system, or light bulbs. However, this is not always the best move to make, especially if you will have to spend much more to work around older pieces.

The Practicality of Countertops

Countertops are one of the most aesthetic things that you can find in a kitchen, but their allure isn’t just because they look pretty. With endless practical options in the market, nowadays you can even find portable filtration systems instead of traditional instead of an under-the-counter sink. The portability of countertop reverse osmosis doesn’t only give a modern look to your house, but they also add a touch of practicality. Countertops are the heart of your kitchen; they are very practical, and the wrong ones can make the kitchen experience worse. 

Who is Eating?
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Whether you’re cooking just for yourself, you’ll be able to make the decisions about appliances and space that you need. But when you factor in the frequency of guests and other people in the house, you’ll want to take a step back before you rush in to remodel your kitchen. Are you going to be feeding small children? Your parents? Or both? You’ll need to ask yourself questions regarding the reasons you’ll be in the kitchen for. You’ll also want to determine whether you need multiple ovens and whether you’re going to cook meals and bake at the same time to be able to settle on the right appliances for you.


In conclusion, renovating your kitchen and house will add to your comfort. Yet it’s a great investment idea as it will raise your house’s resale value. Before embarking on this project, make sure to have a detailed plan for everything you want to change.

If you are not sure about certain decisions, you can always seek help from professionals to decide what’s best for your house. Having a detailed budget will also save you from spending more than you should or ending up with an incomplete project.