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As 14 States demand electric trucks. This meets the bar.

At an exclusive event at the TEC Equipment dealership in Fontana, California Volvo Trucks went E! For they now are offering a first look at its North American Class 8 battery-electric project trucks. In Europe, Volvo Trucks recently started sales of electric trucks for urban transports. Especially as well as demonstrated electric concept trucks for construction operations and regional distribution.

Because they are utilizing existing electro mobility technology. Moreover and within the Volvo Group. So Volvo Heavy Duty Electric Trucks in North America have been able to integrate. Moreover and into electric technologies. Especially into the existing North American VNR model.

Volvo heavy duty electric trucks

Pilot Demonstration 

The pilot demonstration was part of the Volvo Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions (LIGHTS) project. For it’s a collaboration between 15 public and private partners. All to therefore demonstrate the viability of all-electric freight hauling. Especially in high-density traffic and urban areas. 

“The Volvo LIGHTS project demonstrates that for the entire endeavor to come together, it takes more than just the truck. It’s the delivery of the complete eco-system for zero-emission, heavy-duty transport, and taking responsibility for that ecosystem,” said Peter Voorhoeve, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “You can only achieve this by having a common goal, fully integrated collaboration amongst all stakeholders, and agreeing to be pioneers together.”

In conclusion, the Volvo VNR Electric project trucks will be put into real-world commercial operations. All with two of California’s leading freight companies. For that’s Dependable Supply Chain Services and NFI.

In addition and in North America, the Volvo VNR Electric will become the ideal truck. For it’s a model for short- and regional-haul applications. Especially like heavy urban distribution, and other applications. All where electric trucks will first have the greatest impact. 

Next Steps 

Finally, Volvo Trucks in North America will begin the first phase of serial production and commercial offering of the Volvo VNR Electric in late 2020. 

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February 12, 2020, Source: The Volvo Group

2/12/20AB Volvo

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