Home Builder Deviates from the Norm and Goes Green Inside Out

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green home inside and out

Mayer Dahan is a man with a fresh eye for harmonized contemporary architecture and eco-friendly living. He’s doing what traditional developers don’t do- exceeding “Hollywood Green Code.” His company, Dahan Properties builds modern, sustainable, environmentally conscious homes that are evolving the traditional real estate industry. Going above and beyond these demands, Dahan Properties guarantees their residents have the most eco-friendly homes possible.

What differentiates Dahan Properties from other development companies? The extremes the company goes to in order to implement Green living throughout every aspect of their homes. Dahan Properties salvages all of their homes, recycling windows, doors, fixtures, wood, tile and metal in order to conserve valuable materials and not be wasteful. Recycling materials is not the only method Dahan Properties employs in order to ensure eco-friendly living.

Green living applied to interior design is another one of Dahan Properties’ advancements that has pivoted the way we think about eco-friendly living. Recycled Italian tiles, reclaimed wood, installed in-line heaters and low-flow water systems are the revolutionary eco-friendly interior amenities offered. As far as the exterior is concerned, Dahan Properties installs SolarCity’s energy-efficient solar panels. Unlike typical solar panels that aren’t aesthetically appealing, SolarCity’s SleekMount is seamless, durable, simple and most importantly eco-friendly. From top to bottom, inside and out, Dahan Properties builds the ultimate environmentally friendly homes without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal.

Source: Dahan Properties

Home Builder Deviates from the Norm and Goes Green Inside Out

Home Builder Deviates from the Norm and Goes Green Inside Out

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