Solar ordinance doesn’t restrict farm or residential projects

In the Laconia Daily Sun / In response to Andrew Sanborn’s March 4 letter in the paper which titled: The Sanbornton Solar Ordinance voted “yes” on Tuesday by the residents of Sanbornton.

Seems that Mr. Sanborn’s claims and accusations in his article are off base and not correct. That’s according to this reader.

Solar Power For Your Home

They add first that the town is getting “shafted” by N.E. Solar Garden on the payment in lieu of taxes. Cause the town promised a $60,000 payment in lieu of taxes.  However which have been much higher for a commercial project. That’s under the regular tax structure for a 25 MW solar installation.

So this payment in lieu of taxes based on the annual projected revenue. The total amount of $60,000 would have decreased every taxpayers property taxes by about $100.

However, the solar company pulled a bait and switch they claim. Therefore is now only proposing a 13 MW system or less. Thus reducing to payment in lieu of taxes to around $30,000 and a $50 discount off your property taxes. Finally and that’s if they put the full 13 MW system in.

That’s why I wrote before:

Another question to ask before you choose a solar company is in regards to their quote and design. You need to know how accurate these things typically are for them. This is because when they can do this accurately, they will not only be able to provide you with a solution that meets your current needs, it will also be sufficient for your needs in the future and can give you the most in terms of

Beyond that, more accurate your system is designed up front, the less chance that you will need to make any changes in the future. Systems that have been designed poorly will be more likely to need changes after the contract has been signed. You need to know how the contract will address any changes of this nature and whether or not you have an option to approve or deny them or even to cancel.

Source: Mar 7, 2019, Updated, To The Daily Sun

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