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First of all: let’s talk Vegas energy food waste. I mean as a way to power it up.  I mean, it takes a lot of energy to power Las Vegas.

For example, the slot machines, nightclubs, and bright neon lights. Where, but on of the Las Vegas strip. These high electricity demands have made it difficult for the city to achieve 100 percent renewable power. Therefore, there is an effort for casinos to leave the grid. We need to green the energy to power Las Vegas! So I say: Vegas Energy Food Waste!

Although, resorts are experimenting with LED lighting and solar arrays. Yet Rosalie Bingham has a more ambitious idea. So What if they sourced their power the leftover food at their buffets?

To begin, Rosalie is an Environmental Entrepreneur. She Explains How “The Green Machine” Initiative Will Help Bring Energy Independence to Las Vegas!

As we know, Las Vegas food waste in the land of overindulgence and gluttony. In addition to consuming a record-breaking amount of energy. Now, Nevada spends $700 million per year on out-of-state fossil fuels.


All to power the flashing lights, gigantic billboards, and air-conditioned casinos. More noteworthy, the city also has the largest landfill in America! With over 42 million tourists per day. Yes folks 42 million. Therefore one casino group alone, generates over 800 tons of daily food waste.

Again: Vegas Energy Food Waste.

Vegas energy food waste. We need to green the energy to power Las Vegas

But according to environmental entrepreneur Rosalie Bingham, if handled correctly, we can say goodbye to Vegas Energy Food Waste. Oy, this gluttony and waste!! Yet it may actually help the city reach energy independence.

Bingham is the founder of “The Green Machine,” an environmental initiative to increase renewable energy in Las Vegas by converting organic waste into power and water.

This forward-thinking solution uses the current hundreds of tons of daily food waste.  All that is now dumped into Nevada landfills. However and instead is now diverting to an Anaerobic Digester System (ADS.) The ADS converts the organic waste into clean power and water. Also it even utilizes all the by-product. Therefore so there is no waste.

Best part is, The Green Machine has already secured some funding. All which will be used to help build and operate the ADS. Most importantly, the project has the support of several large Nevada organizations. That’s even including the local power and gas company, the landfill facility, and the Regional Transportation Commission. Cause all agreed to purchase the gas produced from the digester. Then they will fuel local bus fleets. Now The Green Machine is looking to the community to help support this effort.

“We can no longer sustain the damage that has been done to our societies and planet. We need solutions that actually repair the damage that has been done…”

…says Bingham, who, as a 4th generation Vegas native, is committed to creating a sustainable future for her city and her neighbors.

Rosalie Bingham is on a mission to bring energy independence to Las Vegas. She is raising public awareness of environmental issues and has information on how people can help fuel “The Green Machine.”


In conclusion, a true leader stands for Rosalie Bingham. She is a fourth generation Nevadan. Cause Rosalie is on a quest to repairing and regenerating the planet. Bingham is the founder of Regener8tive. It is a Nevada nonprofit that finds, funds, and facilitates environmental projects with solution-based methods. Regener8tive’s latest project, “The Green Machine” is an initiative to bring energy independence to Las Vegas with alternative solutions to food waste.

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