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Going green is the talk of the town and all for the right reasons. An environmentally friendly lifestyle is when you do your bit to protect and conserve nature as well as work towards reducing the carbon footprint.

In today’s time, fortunately, several individuals, companies, and governments are doing their best to lead the world towards an eco-friendly environment. From investing in oil spill solutions to exploring alternative energies such as solar and hydro panels, from growing your own garden produce to ditching their cars from time to time, there are countless ways that you can adopt to make the switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Many are under an impression that living green is primarily for tree huggers. On the contrary, this lifestyle is for everybody who’s ready to make a difference. It is about the small, daily-life switches such as from a paper towel to handkerchiefs. 

In this article, you can learn about how you can make a difference. You can learn about easy ways to start making the switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

1. Avoid taking your car everywhere you go

This is perhaps the most common way to start with. While it is true that cars are pretty effective and they make lives easier, they are also injurious to earth. 

Hence, it is best to ensure that you ditch your car for smaller distances. When you choose to walk or take a bike for a ride instead, you are not only helping the health of this environment but also yourself. 

It is often recommended to undertake any kind of physical activity in a day, even if it’s for 30 minutes. Choosing to walk could be those 30-minutes. It also saves you money, leads to lesser air pollution, and makes your heart much healthier. 

2. Grow your own kitchen produce

While growing your own kitchen produce could often be seen as a time-consuming task, it is often the most cost-effective and health-effective one. 

It is true that you can purchase inexpensive organic foods from the nearby grocery store during sales or in-season shopping, however, it will still cost you a lot. Gardening, on the other hand, is not only an alternative to get your hands on organic produce. It is also a great way to save some bucks and the environment from the use of chemicals. 

Initially, you can always begin with easy-to-grow varieties before heading for the bigger and tougher options. 

organic gardens, using eco friendly mulch, organic topsoil, organic seeds

3. Shift to canvas bags from plastic bags 

We have all heard how using plastic is the greatest evil that needs to be banished from our society. While it is difficult to completely get rid of using plastic immediately, we can at least start with baby steps towards a plastic-free world. 

You can simply start opting for canvas or jute bags instead of plastic ones. When you go grocery shopping, make sure you develop a habit of carrying a bag with you in order to avoid using the bags that are offered by the stores. 

You can also start using soaps and shampoos that come in paper packaging and ditch plastic bottles eventually. 

Canvas bags

4. Limit your consumption of processed food 

While we have already talked about how beneficial it is to grow your own produce for your pockets and for the environment, it only makes sense to consume what you grow. To go greener, it is often recommended to opt for homemade meals than consuming the farmed produce. 

It is best to avoid the not-so-pretty food that comes from a factory farm. This over-processed food is not only expensive, but the supply chain is seriously draining on our earth’s resources.  

You can pack your lunches and dinners to get used to the organic norm easily. You should also ditch your plastics from your kitchen and go for wooden, bamboo, or stainless steel products. 


Living green might seem a little tricky but it is a lifestyle that can do wonders for your health and that of this environment.

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