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Packaging is Everything

We know there’s a real threat of climate change. So many countries around the world have been taking strong measures. All to contain its expansion and prevent it from becoming the real threat. One that many scientists are predicting. All by replacing some common products with a more eco-friendly version of it.

One of the greatest examples is the compostable packaging. An example which numerous companies creating sustainablesustainable package ideas. Especially over the last few months in order to replace its traditional version.

This has been one of the greatest innovations. I mean considering that its creation requires less carbon to produce. Also it reduces the levels of air pollution and even gives earth some life-promoting nutrients.

Getting right down to this situation. You know, in case you haven’t used this product before. So here some of the greatest benefits of making use of it.

Appeals to Consumers Concerned About the Environment

Basically, one of the main reasons why it is great to use compostable packaging is because you’ll be joining the vast amount of customers that are concerned about the environment. Those consumers that want to use products that don’t affect it at all. 

According to a 2018 study from data provider IRI, a lot of shoppers want sustainable packaging.  Like can you say three-quarters of shoppers in Europe, Canada and the United States prefer to buy products with environmentally friendly packaging.

In fact, many analysts point out that while this number is quite high, it will inevitably increase in the near future. Therefore we are meaning that making use of this kind of packaging is real. For it represents not only a responsible action but also getting used to the so-called “green future”. One that will come sooner than later.

Is a Great Investment

While it is a fact that the compostable packaging film is a little bit more expensive than the traditional wrapping film. Because the truth is that you’ll be making an outstanding investment. Especially since taking always the proactive step on climate change sees a better return on investment. Less plastic in oceans from a smaller amount of people is more than people who still don’t take this action.

The reason why this is already a reality is because of the fact that almost every single company that makes use of compostable packaging film improves their brand image and even give a very competitive advantage against those firms that are not that sustainable.

It Reduces the Risk of Floods

As reported by numerous reports, most nations in Europe exports between 60 and 70 percent of its paper and between 55 and 65 percent of its plastic for recycling, not knowing whether these really get recycled or not.

Numerous nations including China and India has decided to ban imports of household plastics because of the way food contamination is always an issue, so it ends up in landfills and even incineration considering these can never be recycled.

With numerous fields across Europe and the United States in decline, using compostable packaging film is crucial because it reduces the risks of flood and improves soil structure by returning vital nutrients.

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