Going green for your home power is always a great option. You can do your part in helping the environment and you can also cut down a lot of your monthly power bills. But you might be asking yourself, “how can you start to live your life a lot greener?” Luckily, this is something that is easy to adapt to. With the right modifications to your home, you can be living green within a week. Here are six ways you can turn your home power green makes a more earth-friendly place.

Buy green-friendly electronics

A lot of electronics these days are being made as energy savers. You can choose to buy energy-saving electronics rather than the normal ones and you will be helping the earth. The eco-friendly electronics require less energy and power to start and run so you will have a lower power bill, and the earth will thank you. Not to mention that having an eco-friendly electronic device is most times cheaper to purchase and they last a lot longer than your average electronics that are not eco-friendly.

Turn your power off when you aren’t using it

Don’t go to your fuse box and turn off everything when you leave the house, but unplug things that are not in use at that moment. There is no reason to have your TV on and plugged into the wall if it isn’t being used. You are using up power which will show in your electricity bill and you are taking power from the earth.

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Barn doors… well, kind of

Barn door hardware is trending and will be a beautiful part of your home. You can get barn door hardware in many different finishes that will complement your barn door. 

Barn doors can be installed easily. They slide open or closed to become a unique feature in your home. They are also space-savers. With a barn door, you slide the door or doors from side to side. You do not have the door swing that you do with traditional doors. That means you can put furniture up close to the walls instead of making sure you have enough room for the swing of a traditional door. 

Install solar panels to your home

This is a bit more expensive, but only to start. Once you have the solar panels installed in your home, the cost that you see on your electric bill suddenly goes down. Now, you are using natural power, not taking it directly from the earth, and you are being as green as you possibly can be. A lot of people will install solar panels to live a greener lifestyle and to drop their electric bills. No one has taken the jump and regretted it. If you have the money to install solar panels and trade out the normal electricity for something more natural, you should consider this option. The sun is there for our use. We might as well use it and gain benefit from it.

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Compost everything that you can

This is a lot like recycling but with leftover food. Compost works perfectly for the soil if it is fruits and vegetables. It also returns to the earth the food and nutrients that were taken from it. You can use compost to make your grass grow thicker, or you can use it to help your garden. It keeps the leftovers out of the garbage, and it helps the earth grow healthier. Just keep your pets away from where you are composting.

Use LED lights instead of regular ones

This goes along with the eco-friendly electronics mentioned earlier. LED lights are not only healthier for you, but they are healthier for the environment. There is a lot of science behind it but to sum everything up, it makes your home brighter and it takes a lot less power to run. They also last longer than regular lights.

SWITCH 3-Way LED bulb from SWITCH Lighting™

There you have it. These are six ways you can turn your home into a more eco-friendly environment.

Written by Olivia John

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