Throughout a recent decade, eco cars (electric vehicles) turned from a freaky and unusual initiative to a part of one’s everyday life. Moreover, almost all the leading concerns offered their zero-emission automobiles to the market. At last, driving an eco car became prestigious when Tesla, Audi and Jaguar concepts came to life and captured the minds of auto enthusiasts all over the world from Japan to Germany, and from Australia to Canada.

Still, the main weakness of eco cars when compared to those with traditional fuel engines remains the same. Engineers keep trying to make electric drives maximally efficient, but their ability to cover distances in much lower than those of petrol or diesel ones.

That is why going for a long trip by an eco car requires thorough planning and appropriate attitude. Here below, you can find five useful life hacks to keep up with while driving an electric automobile on a long-distance journey.

Let’s roll!

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One: Know Your Car

Eco cars are different. Various price points offer different options, engines, speeds, driving ranges, and their correlation. Moreover, every exemplar of the particular automobile model can have slightly different possibilities, opportunities, and features.

Every detail matters on the road. So, before you start your long-distance trip, it is critical to make sure your car is actually capable of providing you with such possibilities. Know how long it can drive per single battery charge and at which speed. Find out when it is better to stop and give your automobile a break. See how its battery, exterior and interior nods react to hot and cold temperatures. And so on.

The more you know about your eco car here, the better.

Two: Check Your Tires

Even the smallest detail matters when it comes to a driving range of an electric vehicle. So, it is critical to make sure tires are inflated correctly. It is clever to check if every tire has no more or less air inside it than needed. Otherwise, you risk miscalculating the distance your car could cover. That’s not the situation you want to get yourself in during a long trip, is it?

Three: Plan Your Route

Despite the fact that electric cars are a norm in 2021, the infrastructure is not developed equally well in different regions yet. Planning your route in advance will let you know whether or not there will be enough charging stations to keep your engine functioning.

It is better to choose the routes with more than one station available within a single battery charge: that’s how you won’t get suddenly trapped by circumstances in case a charger is out of order. Additionally, you might want to check a dune rooftop tent review to know which one to use for more travel comfort.

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Four: Control the Weight

Speaking both literally and figuratively, electric car drivers are strongly recommended to watch after their excessive weight much more attentively than regular auto holders do. The potential energy expenses (and consequently, the distance covered) of any eco car depend on the overall weight an engine has to carry.

This means, your discipline can save you from big troubles here. It may seem as a jest but it’s not. Having the additional reason to keep your car clean isn’t bad, is it? Plastic bags, cans, unnecessary books, broken toys, luggage cases, baseball bats and other useless cargo should be stored where it belongs: in a trash can or a pantry.

A car is somewhat like a temple, don’t you think? Paying the necessary attention to keep it ordered is difficult but effective. And cost-efficient.

Five: Keep It Stable

Rapid acceleration and deceleration is not for eco-friendly people, even if they drive zero emission cars. It is better to keep your speed stable with electric vehicles, including the use of cruise control systems. That’s how you make your trip safer and more predictable.

Bonus: Drive Calmly

The last but most important life hack here is everyone’s driving manner. Any experienced driver would agree it is required to get used to a car. In case of electric automobiles, this will require you to work a lot more. Mostly, mentally. Of course, if you want to save your battery charge and make your long trip free of unexpected complications. Unfortunately, no driver’s fun or challenges suit eco cars.

Staying calm and keeping your car under maximum control is great for every driver. But when it comes to long trips with electric vehicles, it becomes more of a rule than just a recommendation.

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