An air conditioner has become vital equipment for every modern home, especially for those in areas with adverse weather changes. The device comes in handy in hot weather conditions, while some also help warm the houses in cold weather. However, like other electrical devices, air conditioners require regular servicing. Its servicing includes changing the filters, oiling the movable parts, and replacing the worn-out parts. You can do servicing once a year, or depending on your usage and model. Sometimes, there will be signs to show your AC needs servicing. Which are these signs? Check on the list below.

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Air Not Blowing Cold

You will want the AC to cool your house in hot temperatures. But after using it for several months, it starts blowing in hot air, regardless of settings. When you experience this, it shows your equipment is due for servicing. Hot air might mean your equipment is overheating. Other causes might be leaking tubes, low refrigerant, and duct leakage, and condenser issue. When you notice such, it’s time to call your serving agent and have the machine checked.

High Cooling Bills

Most air conditioners that are in the market are energy efficient. This means they use the least energy to give you the best cooling in your home. Some of the ACs are energy-efficient rated, meaning they come with the latest energy-saving technology. What if you notice an increase in your cooling bills? If all factors are maintained constant, and you see your bills growing huge, then it’s time to have your AC checked. According to AC experts from Cool Best Aircon, the rise might be caused by your AC forcing itself to work in cooling your house. The situation can be caused by blockage of the air filters, worn out parts, or other issues.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes, your AC might be working okay, but your thermostat has issues. As a person who is not conversant with the air conditioners, you might never understand where the problem is. If you are not getting the right temperatures as the settings, you need to call an AC expert to have your equipment checked. They will come and analyze the situation and do the repairs. The technicians have special equipment and knowledge to detect the problem.

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Unusual Smells

Does the air from your AC smell awkward? Does it smell like something rotten, burnt, or damp? Then it means there is something wrong with your AC, and it’s time to call the technician. The smell might be because of something burning, including the wires or a dirty filter, which needs replacement. The damage might also be caused by mold growing within your AC. The technician will look at the cause and rectify the problem.

Bizarre Sounds

Most of the modern ACs are designed to work without noise. You won’t even hear the motors rotating, unless when starting or when going off. When you start hearing louder sounds from your AC, then it shows something is wrong. Any screeching, banging, or grinding might mean there is something broken, including the movable parts. It can also be caused by debris inside the equipment or loose belts. When you hear such sounds, you have to put the equipment off to avoid further damage and call the technician.

Poor Airflow

The amount of cold air you will receive from your AC depends on the adjustments. Lower settings mean you require little cooling while putting it full shows you need maximum cooling in your house. It reaches a point where your AC has poor airflow, regardless of the setting. This means it’s struggling to work, and something is blocking the air. You will need a technician to determine the cause and repair your AC, including changing the air filters and cleaning the ducts. Poor airflow can also result from the faulty fan, weak motor, and debris on the vents.

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Leaking AC

Your AC has a designated outlet that removes the condensed water. It directs this water to the outside outlet, which drips constantly depending on the usage. Your equipment should be dry at all times. When you see water dripping from strange places, including on the air outlet, it shows a condensation problem, and it needs an immediate checkup. Immediate help will prevent growing molds and mildew, which causes further damage to the equipment. 

The above are some common reasons which will make you call a technician to have your AC checked and serviced. Even without the above signs, you should have scheduled maintenance at least once a year, depending on your location. Regular servicing prevents the above issues and also increases the lifespan of your air conditioner.

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