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The state of the Earth affects all of its residents. You may feel like whatever you could do wouldn’t make a difference, but every little bit makes a huge difference to saving the planet. Every day most people do several things that they could modify to be more Earth-friendly. Many of these things can not only help the environment but also save you money. Here are a few things you can do to help save the planet.

Go Solar

By harnessing the sun’s radiant light and heat, you’re using clean energy that requires no fuels. Installing solar panels is an upfront cost, but you’ll soon see significantly lower utility bills. On a much smaller scale, solar-powered devices, such as cell phone chargers, are also cost-effective. By substituting even the smallest amount of electrical power with solar power, you’ll be making a worthy contribution to the environment.

Turn Off the Faucet

One of the easiest ways you can help save the planet is by turning off the tap anytime you’re not actively using it. Like many people, you may leave the water running while you shave or brush your teeth. This can waste a lot of water. After all, the water is actually being used for only a small fragment of that time. Turning off the tap saves you money and, more importantly, helps the environment.

Program Your Thermostat

Switching to a programmable thermostat can save energy by automatically adjusting the heat or air-conditioning to your daily schedule. Some smart thermostats will even learn your patterns and then conform to them. Many thermostats, in addition to being programmable, can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. If you’re going to be home sooner than you expect one day, you can get on the app on your smartphone and adjust the temperature to make it comfortable by the time you get home.

nest thermostat
Smart thermostat

Bring Your Own Bags

Bringing your own bags to the grocery store can save countless single-use plastic bags. If you absolutely have to use plastic bags, be sure to recycle them.

Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Invest in a reusable water bottle that you can take with you and refill on the go. Drinking lots of water is healthy for you, but the introduction of single-use plastic bottles is extremely unhealthy for the environment. If you’re worried about drinking tap water, you can get a filtered water pitcher or a faucet filter. You’ll find that you’re saving money once you stop purchasing bottled water, and you’ll know that you’re helping reduce the number of plastics in the oceans and landfills.

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Say No to Junk Mail

Most people get unsolicited mail every week that goes directly from mailbox to trash can. Fortunately, you can reduce it quite a bit with a little effort. Various websites allow you to opt-out of junk mail, such as credit card offers and catalogs. By curtailing your junk mail, you’ll be helping to save trees, water and emissions. In the meantime, make sure you recycle as much unwanted mail as possible.

Sell or Donate

If there’s something you no longer want (e.g., clothes, furniture, toys, or appliances), don’t throw it away. You can easily sell or donate it. Plus, you can make some of your money back by selling it. Save space in the landfill for actual trash.


Americans are recycling now more than ever, but it’s still not enough. Recycle anything recyclable that can’t be reused. Check with your local recyclers for a list of everything they accept.

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Before you throw anything out, think about if it can be reused. Resealable plastic bags can be washed (or rinsed), air dried and reused. Glass and plastic containers can also be washed and reused. Many items can be reused and even repurposed with a little creativity.

You can begin today helping your fellow humans to save the Earth. These are just a few of the simple environmentally-friendly changes you can make. It’s a good feeling knowing you’re contributing to saving the planet.

Author: Finnegan Pierson

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