One way to stay happy is to have a well-kept home. It’s a simple enough task that can actually do wonders to your mood. They say that home is where the heart is because everything you do here, it’s yours, and you do it because you want to. One area that is bound to give you peace of mind is your garden. However, it’s something that needs constant care and maintenance if you want to keep it looking beautiful, and you’ll actually find the process of gardening extremely therapeutic. To do this well, you need to have specific tools, and this is why we’re going to introduce you to 7 essential tools that you need to give your garden the care it needs.


A shovel is a basic necessity for any garden because it will be used in pretty much every job. You’ll need it for digging, clearing out spaces, and putting in compost as well. If you ever decide to bring in a new plant or even a tree, a shovel is necessary to help you place it in a hole big enough to keep it sturdy.

Hand Trowel

These are shovels that are small in size, so you have more control over small spaces that you want to focus on in the garden. They’re great for digging small holes for when you want to plant a small plant, or put seeds into the soil as well. Make sure that you opt for the stainless steel option because that will last you much longer. 


Pruners are important because you want to keep every part of your garden trimmed and looking clean. They’re easy to handle and the grip is good enough to allow you to be intricate in your work, especially with the smaller flowers and branches that you’d like to trim. 

Garden Hose

You’re going to have an extremely difficult time watering your garden and your plants if you don’t have a hose! Make sure that you get a long one so that you don’t have any issues reaching every corner of your garden. And when it comes to storing a garden hose, you need to invest in a garden hose reel that’s easy to use and carry around. Look into reviews online to make sure that you get the right one. 


Gardening is messy work, but in the best way possible. It’s extremely satisfying being able to use your hands and get down and dirty. But the truth is, you don’t really want to get your hands too dirty because it’ll be a nightmare to remove. You need gloves not only to keep your hands and nails clean, but also to protect them from thorns and other bits and pieces that could hurt or cut you as you tend to your garden.


Forks are great because they do the job that none of the other tools can do. They’re great at raking in and gathering stray and dead leaves, which is difficult to do using any other tool. They’re also extremely useful for aerating the soil so that it gets all the nutrients and water in all the right places and evenly as well. 


You’re going to be moving around the garden with a number of tools. Therefore, it only makes sense that you have something to help you carry them. This is where the wheelbarrow comes in. Not only is it helpful in moving all your tools with you as you work on the garden, but you can also throw in any debris that you need to get rid of while you’re at it, or even to carry a big new plant that you’d like to put into the garden. 

Being blessed with a garden in your home is like being gifted with a blank canvas. You have the opportunity to really transform it into something wonderful that is teeming with life. You can really get into the world of gardening and learn all there is to know about the incredible world of plants and nature in general, and how you can create it in your own backyard.

Having the right essential tools will help you to take good care of this space. Using the wrong tools for different tasks does make a difference. Therefore, make sure that you’re constantly educating yourself on the details and finding out more information. You’ll find that with technology, tools and how they’re used changes a bit. So try to find out more about that as well. However- the basics will always stay the same, so make sure to always have these 7 essentials in your toolshed.

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