We often look at recycling paper, switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs and office appliances when thinking about how businesses can go green(er) in today’s market. These simple steps are effective. Something as simple as switching to energy-efficient appliances can cut the carbon emissions of a business significantly while allowing the business to save money.

However, doing just the basic things is no longer enough. For the environment to recover from its present state, we must go the extra mile. Fortunately, there are simple things that you can do to make your business even friendlier to the environment and more sustainable at the same time.

Start Managing Your Waste

In a previous article, we discussed how upgrading your wastewater system can cut manufacturing costs. The same is true when businesses produce other types of waste. A great way of managing your waste better is by working with a professional waste removal service provider. Before you choose which service provider to hire, there are some questions to ask first. You need to get a clearer idea of the services available, the kind of waste the company can handle, and of course where the waste winds up once it is removed.

Do Regular Audits

Even with the best policies in place, there will always be room for improvement. This is where a regular audit comes in handy. Regularly auditing your green policies lets you catch mistakes early and find new ways to improve. An audit can be done by an internal team or a committee. You can partner with organizations that care about the environment for fresh pairs of eyes. The result of the audit can then be discussed with the entire management team so that required changes are implemented immediately.

Switch to Renewables

Solar and other renewable energy options are more reliable than they were a couple of years ago. Revisiting the idea of powering your manufacturing line or your offices using solar power is something worth doing today. Solar power is now backed by new technologies such as more efficient batteries and panels. The combination allows for higher power production. Not only will you be able to power business operations, you can sell excess energy back to the grid.

Continue Working Remotely

The recent pandemic has made working remotely more common. Many big corporations already announced that they will stick to letting employees work remotely going forward. Your business can take the same step too.

Working remotely boosts productivity and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your business. There is no need for a large office, documents are sent and stored digitally, and there are certainly no more carbon releases from your employees’ commute to work.

It’s all about going the extra mile. Additional steps such as opting for a green data center and rewarding employees who stays green at home will make your business friendlier to the environment. These steps also make your business more resilient and sustainable in the long run. The savings you will be able to make are just bonuses for caring for the environment more.